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Monday, November 21, 2011

Estimating and Costing in Civil Engineering Software

Estimator is a Civil Engineering Cost Estimation and Rate Analysis software for Architects, Builders, Contractors, Engineers, etc. With Estimator 2.0 you can prepare various estimates and rate analysis of residential and commercial buildings. You can also prepare Detailed Estimate, Abstract Estimate, Tenders, Measurement Book, Cost Abstract, Labour and Contractor’s Bill, Purchase Order and other site management documents.

Estimating Software serving customers doing highway, utility, tunnel, earthwork, bridges, environmental, paving, dams, wastewater, and pipeline and railroad construction. Estimator is available for the Windows operating environments. This is fast moving software with low cost and high performance.

Free Civil Engineering Software for Estimating:-

NomitechCost Estimating Software for construction management.

ExpertEstimation by Pronamics is elemental estimating software for engineering and construction that allows you full control over your estimates to produce better estimates quicker.

CivilEngineering Software - This is the links to software's which are useful for civil engineers.

Carlson2012 - The industries served by Carlson Software technology include: land surveying, civil engineering, construction/machine control, mining, accident reconstruction & agriculture.

CivilCalculator - Civil Engineering calculation software, performs calculations for hydrology, open channels, culverts, gravity sewer, pressure pipe, traffic, road geometry, Topo surveying, earthwork, pavement, concrete floors and unit conversions.

CostOSEstimating enables Cost Estimators to build cost estimates quickly and accurately. It catches the experience gained from previous estimates and enables the user to quickly build new ones based on previous already estimated items. 

Posted by Manoj Kumar Singh
Web Developer


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