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Monday, September 30, 2013

Post River Software released Asphalt Pro iPhone App for Asphalt contractor and inspector

Asphalt Pro is very useful for the professional asphalt contractor and inspector. It is the only asphalt allied application purposely designed for iOS 7. Asphalt Pro is free and it includes a series of several tools like Mix Yield underrun/overrun calculators, unit conversion calculators, tack and seal distance calculators and rate validators, and visualizers to keep pace with plant, truck, paver and roller capacities. These tools are well versed with the workflow and inspection practices in the jobsite.

By applying Asphalt Pro, one can also allocate project images with supervisors.

Asphalt Pro comes up with the following exclusive features :

  • Workout Mix Yield and match up to project estimates for detecting overruns or underruns.
  • Analyze Tack and Seal distances facilitating application process as well as substantiate rates concerning inspection duties.
  • Aids users to get balanced production conveniently connecting the plant, trucks, paver, and rollers. Create adjustments to parameters for augmentation of production, enhance efficiency and decrease constrictions.
  • When any issue arises with a project, it can easily find out, systematize, and distribute digital images of issues involving GPS and time coding.
  • Contains six conversion calculators having units in both US and Metric for every value which are useful in the jobsite for contractor and inspector.
  • It also includes a Cost Estimator for small projects, parking lots and change orders.

One can access Asphalt Pro on the Apple App Store here :

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Plexxis Software is going to introduce Plexxis WinBID, a ‘database ready’ drywall construction estimation software

Plexxis Software, a leading provider of free drywall construction estimating software for interior systems contractors, is introducing WinBID, the most powerful drywall construction estimating software.

Plexxis WinBID is useful for various types of drywall estimation styles like performing with the intuitive feel of drawings, the speed of digitizers or the technical know-how of digital take off. WinBID drywall estimating software is adaptable, user friendly and can be incorporated with a wide array of Interior Systems Upgrades for instance:
  • Drywall Digital Take Off
  • Project management, Job Costing and Accounting
  • Multi-user estimation (entire team of estimators will be able to work on the same database)
  • Portable time and attendance devices
  • Construction grade devices that gather real time data from the field
Plexxis Drywall Estimation Software 11.0 is well versed with Oracle Database 11g R2, WebLogic Server 11g, Solaris 11, Exadata Database, Exalogic Machine and SPARC SuperCluster.

For availing a free demo, go through the following link -


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Friday, September 13, 2013

Substantial growth and opportunities for Florida contractors with the Construction Management Development Program

Construction Estimating Institute (CEI), who offers construction training programs nationwide, had acquired a contract with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), to initiate the Construction Management Development Program (CMDP) and Bond Guarantee Program (BGP). The programs are intended for small businesses and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), who are looking for bid and executing construction work, to give them proper training and assistance.

The training will commence on Tuesday, September 24th in Orlando, repeated on Thursday, September 26th in Fort Lauderdale with the launch of “Your Road to Working with FDOT” seminars. Attendees will acquire knowledge on how to make their companies get ready to participate in competitive bidding on FDOT construction projects.

By attending this seminar one can learn how to bid public work, finding jobs in your area, gaining access to the FDOT website as well as achieving FDOT backed bonds. There will be also arrangement for training towards small businesses in the arena of plan reading and estimating, constructing and submitting bids, project planning and scheduling, and elementary business operations.

In order to register your seat, contact with CEI at phone: 1-800-423-7058, fax: 1-941-346-0221


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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Two-Day US Workshop Series for Efficient design of post-tensioned buildings

This workshop series is purposely designed for those who get interested in availing practical training & in detail training in 3D-FEM concrete software, modeling processes and methods used for the design and evaluation of post-tensioned buildings.

There will be wide-ranging workflows and intermutual step-by-step guidance which will be undertaken for common structure types like parking garages with post-tensioned girders and one-way slabs, mat/raft soil-supported foundations, two-way elevated slabs and transfer/podium slabs.

The attendee can acquire in-depth training concerning each specific structure type with ADAPT-Builder 2012 software (containing ADAPT-Floor Pro, Edge and MAT) in an interactive learning atmosphere. Special guidance will be provided for the utilization and incorporation of ADAPT-Edge, a newly launched multistory analysis tool by ADAPT.

One can gather practical expert knowledge & understanding on how to effectively utilize these software tools in the design phase and extend practical workflows for completing a project.

First Day - Parking Structure with PT Girders and One-Way Conventional Slab / Soil-supported Mat Foundation Design:
  • Get acquainted with software tools applying the Finite Element Method (FEM) and the Equivalent Frame Method (EFM)
  • Presentation and demonstration of a new multistory analysis tool for concrete structures, both traditionally reinforced and post-tensioned, ADAPT-Edge
  • Explanation of workflows from start points regarding Revit integration, DWG/DXF files or other 3rd party software output
  • Revit model integration with ADAPT-Builder and model authentication
  • Pre-analysis formation concerning gravity and lateral loads, load patterns, elastic combination definition, long-term and cracked deflection combinations, stiffness and material assumptions
  • A superior application for modeling involving components, finite element meshing, tendon modeling/optimization and analysis options
  • Amendments for introducing mat foundation and load takedown
  • Examination of the structure and creation of design criteria as well as design strips for beams/girders and one-way slabs
  • Design strip implementation and drawing out of graphical and tabular results for report collection
  • Export of reinforcement to Revit and Autocad
Second Day - Two-Way Elevated Slab / Two-way Transfer Slab
  • Assessment of workflow for two-way slab systems in multistory structures or transfer/podium slabs
  • Conversion of DWG/DXF files to structural components in ADAPT-Builder
  • Formation of a multistory model from singular models or numerous drawing files
  • Detailed modeling, analysis and design instruction for two-way slab systems similar to Day 1
  • Evaluation of results and preparation of graphical reinforcement layout for export to Autocad
Series of upcoming USA workshop
  • New York, NY - September 19 - 20
  • Vancouver, BC - September 25 - 26
  • Phoenix, AZ - October 17 - 18
  • Dallas, TX - November 7 - 8
Registration: Click to view full Brochure and Registration Form >> To register on-line


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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The InBusiness Estimating Module is a helpful software application for construction estimators

COMSS Limited, a renowned name construction software application, has just introduced  InBusiness Estimating Module approved by the Construction Industry Federation (CIF). It is a lean software application that is very useful for building estimator as it enhances the replication of estimating building costs within a clear & a modern interface with its streamlined workflow.  
InBusiness Estimating Module can calculate building cost estimations rapidly & precisely which facilitate construction estimators to participate in the bidding process for various projects and increase the profitability. The estimators can get clear cut ideas about the prices for bidding and the obtainable margins.
The software contains the following exclusive features :-
The data contained in an estimate are accessible to other modules all through the construction phase which result in easy monitoring of costs against what has been promised to the customer.
InBusiness Estimating provides solution for post-contract valuations and variations facilitating users for getting superior ideas regarding project profitability all through the construction stage Which enhances the control over business profitability.
InBusiness Estimating software is useful for various types of professionals. It contains an option to Plug Rates allowing users to get rid of inserting detailed item breakdowns and price more jobs instantly.
The software offers authenticated information related to resource costs from the estimate to completion of the job. The incorporated Construction suite presents a report that compares completed work in a Valuation stage depending on the original Estimate, and measures up to the real costs.

The software can be purchased 20% discount off the subscription price for the initial two years and the first 20 companies will eligible to get the offer which buy it prior to September 30, 2013.
The users can buy the software as a permanent license or on a yearly basis. If any user subscribes for the license they don’t have to any upfront payment for licenses.
Supplementary modules can be included in the license at any time throughout the subscription period. Available as a standalone module, InBusiness Estimating adds even more value when integrated with the InBusiness Construction Software Suite.

Apply online for getting a demo version
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