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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fundamentals of Construction Management - a free eBook is just launched

Abimbola Olukemi Windapo has written an exclusive book titled as ‘Fundamentals of Construction Management’ for construction professional. The book contains 182 pages and price is free.

Introduction of author: Abimbola Olukemi Windapo has completed PhD in Building and gathered experience more than twenty five years along with teaching and research in the built industry . She performs as a senior lecturer at the Department of Construction Economics and Management, University of Cape Town, South Africa.
The Fundamentals of Construction Management is a vital book very useful to the construction professionals who wants to enhance their knowledge for dealing with the construction process.

Abimbola Olukemi Windapo has written this book after conducting a thorough research with up to date construction management and management literature, and the individual work experience. The book also follows a series of lecture notes utilized by the author for educating the following subjects: Management of Building Projects (University of Lagos), Construction Management I and II (Caleb University, Lagos), and Construction Management (University of Cape Town) between 1996 and 2012 (a sixteen year period).

The book offers a foundation for the distribution and incorporation of important knowledge essential for acknowledging the construction management practice and what it comprises of. Topics provided in the book range from introduction to construction management studies; theories applicable to construction management; the construction enterprise and its environment; the construction project and its environment; and construction management processes and practices applicable to small projects.

Published by Tuhin Maity
CAD Drafter & Designer

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

iPhone and iPad Applications Best Suited for Construction Professionals

With the changing trends in construction industry, use of IPhone applications is gaining pace with due course of time. Various IPhone applications are available that with innovative solutions for all related professionals.
Apple's IPhone is leading in introducing applications and solutions for mobile phones, yet there are other smart phones like Android and Blackberry that are also getting construction apps in their systems. Mentioned below is a list of some of the popular IPhone/IPod and IPad apps that are highly recommended for quick access:
SmartBidNet: SmartBidNet consists of bid management systems that allow creating as well as tracking bid process with subcontractors and companies. In a most secure and reliable way, this application provides you with accessible information to make bid projects easier and timely.
GoBIM: With GOBIM application you can navigate 3D BIM models and their associated data easily as BIM applications are widely used in the construction industry today. The size of the model handled by GoBIM depends on three factors- number of parameters, number of triangles and number of materials.
FingerCAD: FingerCAD is a CAD application for technical drawing with fingers assisted by computer. Through this application, the final design is saved and can be sent via e-mail or printed.
Architect’s Formulator: Architect’s Formulator includes over 200 formulas to help you on electrical, carpentry and plumbing calculations. Besides, this application includes concrete and excavation formulas that help in estimating the concrete and bricks required. It also contains formulas for steel design, swimming pool and parking area designs.
Carpenter's Helper: Carpenter’s Helper aids in the calculation of roof pitch, stair lengths, rafter lengths, etc. The application has a graphical interface that calculates roof, stair and floor projects.
Builders Helper App: This IPhone application calculates several constructions projects like rafters, columns, stairs, roof, drywall, concrete, painting, decking, flooring and various others.
Fast Concrete Pad Calculator: Fast Concrete Pad Calculator calculates the required quantity of concrete and rebar for the next project. It also calculates the cost of waste materials, concrete and rebar.
Drywall Calculator: Drywall Calculator calculates how many drywall sheets will be required to finish the input area properly.
Roofing Calculator: Once the area to be worked upon is decided, Roofing Calculator calculates the number of roofing shingles, number of bundles and number of squares for a given job. Cost per bundle and a waste overage percentage can also be incorporated in the calculation.
Procore: Procore application helps in creating and managing access contact data, punch list items, share and store project photos, log time card entries, etc. Apart from this, construction schedules, submittals, RFI's, change orders and various other processes can also be managed.

Published by Tuhin Maity
CAD Drafter & Designer

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Labour Cost Estimation

Labour cost estimation helps in understanding how much hiring and paying a labour influences the employer’s benefits costs, insurance premiums, payroll tax contributions and others. Estimating direct cost estimation includes various methods following which the entire procedure becomes much simpler. Following the below mentioned instructions would help in estimating labour charges accurately and preparing a precise budget for a project:
  • It is crucial to estimate the number of labour required to complete the project. The estimation should be created with regard to each phase of construction.
  • Apart from number of labour, labour hours required for the completion of each phase of the construction, should also be estimated. Labour hours should be multiplied by the number of workers required to complete each steps. This would help in attaining a detailed list of each step and the probable time needed for completion of each.
  • Calculation of the wages paid to the labour ought to be done as wages are a part of direct labour cost. Wages vary for each labour, like an experienced and skilled framer would receive higher wage than an inexperienced helper. Labour hour should be sorted as per wage level and should be assigned to each worker performing the work.
  • Before preparing a labour estimation, cost estimator should always consider unforeseen issues that may arise. This helps in handling unknown issues and saves expenses and prevents delay in completing the project. It is one of the most critical part of estimating, one cannot judge what kind of issues may arise and at what level of the construction. If certain material is unavailable, labours at work may not be able to work but nevertheless, they must be paid their wage.
  • Non- building labour hours that include, workers sent to get extra materials like, paint, nail etc. should be considered while estimating labour cost and hence a reasonable number of hours for non-building requirements must be added.

Published by Tuhin Maity
CAD Drafter & Designer

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Construction Scheduling Techniques

Construction cost estimator should create project scheduling to assign dates to project activities and to match the resources of materials, equipment and labour for organized project procedure. Proper scheduling eliminates problems that can arise due to production limitation. This also helps in procuring necessary materials timely and thus providing assistance in completing the project within the stipulated time frame.

Scheduling technique include acquiring detailed construction schedules from contractors to monitor work progress. This helps in comparing the actual work performance with the schedule and prevents delays. Scheduling can also analyze the actual reason for construction delays, if any, after the completion of the project, like alterations as per owner request, worker strike, unavailability of material or any other unforeseen reason.
Scheduling technique brings uniformity in the work process and introduces consistency in the workflow. Documentation is extremely significant to keep a track on the labour hour and to research and develop alternative methods for construction to optimize cost.

The number of labour employed and the duration of their work plays an important part in construction cost scheduling. Proper scheduling of labour hour ensures organized and efficient work from the labour end and reduces the risk of delaying the project. Alternative methods may include replacement materials, employing different construction methodology etc. Scheduling technique also offers precise comparison of expenses for the proposed alternate project completion methods. 

Hence scheduling technique guarantees-
  • Proper use of resources like material, equipment, labour etc.
  • Ensures timely completion of project
  • Prevents delays and extra expenses
  • Helps in cost optimization
  • If delay occurs, analyzes the actual reason of delay
  • Monitors the modifications and changes introduced by the owner

Published by Tuhin Maity
CAD Drafter & Designer

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Cloud-Based Construction Project Management Application with Unique Features to be Launched Early 2014

New cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) construction project management application will be launched in early 2014 by Mantra, a reputed New Jersey custom software development company. The software application is way far simple and user friendly from other enterprise software applications for its features like project management & scheduling, issue tracking, task management, document sharing and work assignment. This application has been designed and developed to enhance the efficiency and help builders manage their projects effectively.
Director of Marketing at Mantra Information Services, Asher Weinstein, stated that this software-as-a-service construction project management application is not complicated and rigid like the various other software applications and similar products. The application can be used on computers, Android tablets as well as iPad. Through the application construction companies can sign up themselves and manage their construction projects by paying a small monthly fee. Companies interested to access Mantra’s app when it is released, can submit their email address through the launch website.


Posted by Natasha Sikder
Content Editor