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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

iPhone and iPad Applications Best Suited for Construction Professionals

With the changing trends in construction industry, use of IPhone applications is gaining pace with due course of time. Various IPhone applications are available that with innovative solutions for all related professionals.
Apple's IPhone is leading in introducing applications and solutions for mobile phones, yet there are other smart phones like Android and Blackberry that are also getting construction apps in their systems. Mentioned below is a list of some of the popular IPhone/IPod and IPad apps that are highly recommended for quick access:
SmartBidNet: SmartBidNet consists of bid management systems that allow creating as well as tracking bid process with subcontractors and companies. In a most secure and reliable way, this application provides you with accessible information to make bid projects easier and timely.
GoBIM: With GOBIM application you can navigate 3D BIM models and their associated data easily as BIM applications are widely used in the construction industry today. The size of the model handled by GoBIM depends on three factors- number of parameters, number of triangles and number of materials.
FingerCAD: FingerCAD is a CAD application for technical drawing with fingers assisted by computer. Through this application, the final design is saved and can be sent via e-mail or printed.
Architect’s Formulator: Architect’s Formulator includes over 200 formulas to help you on electrical, carpentry and plumbing calculations. Besides, this application includes concrete and excavation formulas that help in estimating the concrete and bricks required. It also contains formulas for steel design, swimming pool and parking area designs.
Carpenter's Helper: Carpenter’s Helper aids in the calculation of roof pitch, stair lengths, rafter lengths, etc. The application has a graphical interface that calculates roof, stair and floor projects.
Builders Helper App: This IPhone application calculates several constructions projects like rafters, columns, stairs, roof, drywall, concrete, painting, decking, flooring and various others.
Fast Concrete Pad Calculator: Fast Concrete Pad Calculator calculates the required quantity of concrete and rebar for the next project. It also calculates the cost of waste materials, concrete and rebar.
Drywall Calculator: Drywall Calculator calculates how many drywall sheets will be required to finish the input area properly.
Roofing Calculator: Once the area to be worked upon is decided, Roofing Calculator calculates the number of roofing shingles, number of bundles and number of squares for a given job. Cost per bundle and a waste overage percentage can also be incorporated in the calculation.
Procore: Procore application helps in creating and managing access contact data, punch list items, share and store project photos, log time card entries, etc. Apart from this, construction schedules, submittals, RFI's, change orders and various other processes can also be managed.

Published by Tuhin Maity
CAD Drafter & Designer

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