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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Value can be termed as ratio of function to cost. The value is enhanced by either improving the function, decreasing the cost, or both. Value Engineering (VE) is taken as an industrial tool for cost cutback and upgrading of product performance by system approach.

We provide specialized services in value engineering, value management, value analysis and value improvement alongwith Sustainable Design & Constructability Review.

Our services can bring benefits to the customers to modify designs & reduce energy intensive processes which minimize the overall life-cycle costs to the extent of 15-30 percent. This facilitates customers to arrange more structured way of manufacturing. The customers and manufacturers obtain benefits ranging from cost orientation to customer value orientation with reduced cost, reduced lead time, improved life, simplified assembly, improved packaging

We have a team of Certified Value Specialists (CVS) who are well versed with V.E. studies, diverse Value Improvement Processes, Value Method procedures and facilitation of "value studies, lean processes, six sigma, value walk through and other value improvement processes. Our team has also experience with all phases of the product development cycle - concept design, detailed design, prototyping and testing / validation, full scale production etc.

We have successfully completed so many projects for business & government agencies, construction industries (with highway & bridges), wastewater treatment systems; administrative buildings; aircraft parking aprons and runways; piers and wharves; education and training facilities; courthouses; mass transit systems etc.

Our value engineering service can also be useful for Hospital management that consists of hospital revenue processes, administrative procedures and sustainable Design methods to trim down unnecessary expenditure and operate with more cost-effectively.

Segments of value engineering services :-

Value Engineering in the Design-Build Process
We carry out the overall studies on behalf of Contractor on Request for Proposal (RFP) prior to bid submission. We thoroughly scrutinize the clarity of the project definition and diminish the ‘unknowns’ for which contractors may experience extra cost to their bids. Thus contractors are able to win the bid by submitting the project within budget and suitable quality.

Sustainable Design Reviews(SDR)
We create sustainable Strategies for owners, contractors and design professionals to enhance the project's environmental and economic performance by categorizing green building elements to be used in all kinds of projects. In this regard we always choose the elements with properties like energy conversion, recycled materials, improvements to indoor air quality. We are well versed with LEED Green Building Rating SystemTM.

Constructability Reviews
We execute Constructability Reviews as a cross check of construction documents for optimizing controlling costs and enhancing project value.

We perform Constructability Reviews at Pre-final design state prior to Contractor bidding and identity potential coordination issues, conflicts or errors in the contract documents, missed details, time delays, potential liability, and inter-contractor coordination items for accuracy, comprehensiveness and systems coordination.
With our service owners can considerably lessen the occurrence and size of change orders on their projects.

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Construction estimating spreadsheet

The estimating spreadsheet for Quantity Takeoff is a general form for taking off and listing types, sizes, quantities, etc. of the various items (material amounts, labor, cost) required in a bidding process. It contains materials prices in tabular format.

Estimating spreadsheet splits costs one by one and facilitates the contractor to create a detailed estimate & cost planning in a construction project.

There are different kinds of estimating spreadsheets :-
Construction Takeoff Sheets
Plumbing Takeoff Sheets
Mechanical Piping Estimating Sheets
Fabrications Take-off Sheets
Architectural Estimating Sheet
Earthwork Estimating Sheet
Electrical Estimating Sheet
Labour Estimating Sheet
Lumber Estimating Sheet
Drywall Estimating sheet

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Construction Estimating Courses & Training Classes

Construction courses & Training classes
There are so many renowned construction companies who provide online and offline training programs for students, engineers and construction professional. These companies also arrange customized training as per your requirements. These courses come up with practical examples and exercises and provide individual attention. The courses are especially helpful for those students who are studying for a Contractor’s License.
The students and other construction professionals will get the ability to develop a concrete estimating practice with accuracy and confidence to enhance efficiency and productivity for completing a project successfully.

Given below the examples of some noted construction companies and their detailed training schedules.
US Cost
Construction Estimating Institute
Florida Department Of Transportation
Roctek International
Builders Estimating & Exam School
The Edge

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