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Monday, March 21, 2011

Bill of Material (BOM)

A bill of materials sometimes bill of material or BOM is considered as a structured list for an object (semi-finished or finished product) that contains the list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, components, parts with the name, reference number, quantity, and unit of measure of each component.

The Bill of material is required by a contractor to complete a contract, or by a supplier or vendor to complete an order. A bill of material can only refer to a quantity greater than or equal to one of an object.

A BOM can be demonstrated in the following formats:
A single-level BOM – This kind of BOM shows the assembly or sub-assembly with only one level of children. Thus it exhibits the components required directly to create the assembly or sub-assembly.

An indented BOM - This kind of BOM shows the highest-level item nearby to the left margin and the components utilized in that item shifted more to the right.

Generally there are two types of bills of materials available for a product engineering and manufacturing BOM. The engineering BOM usually records items in accordance with their relationships with parent product as characterized on assembly drawings. But this is not enough to neither demonstrate the grouping of parts at each stage of the production procedure nor contain all of the data required to support manufacturing or procurement. These requirements lead to compel the arrangement of the product structure to be dissimilar so as to guarantee manufacturability. Thus, engineering and manufacturing will include the different valid views for the same product.

Theoretically, the BOM is created mechanically by the CAD system but in reality there is generally human interference or even re-entry.

The following information is visible in a bill of materials:
• Header (Product or Higher-Level Assembly)
o Product/Assembly Item Number
o Product/Assembly Name
o Product/Assembly Description
o Unit of Measure
o Revision Level
• Each Component/Item
o Item Number
o Item Name
o Item Description
o Revision Level
o Unit of Measure
o Quantity per (each higher level assembly)
o Effectivity (date in and date out or serial number in and serial number out)

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

American Concrete Institute introduces four new publications useful for concrete industry

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) launches four new publications focusing on the most updated concrete-related information and technology.
All ACI members are eligible to get a special discount (up to 40 percent) on all ACI publications.
In order to avail the Publications, one can call to 248-848-3800 or visit the link for online order.

The details of the publication are given below:-
Guide to Hot Weather Concreting (305R-10) This guide deals with the problems related with hot weather concreting and provides solutions like proposed preparations and methods for use in general types of hot weather construction for example pavements, bridges, and buildings.
Price: $57.50 (ACI members $35.00)

Guide to Cold Weather Concreting (306R-10) This guide focus on concrete temperature through mixing and placing, temperature loss during delivery, training for cold weather concreting, safety requirements for concrete that don’t have construction supports, figure out strength development, procedures of protection, necessities of curing and admixtures for speeding up setting and strength gain including antifreeze admixtures.
Price: $60.50 (ACI members $37.00)

Report on Corrosion and Repair of Grouted Multistrand and Bar Tendon Systems (423.8R-10) This report contains the information associated with the evaluation of corrosion damage in structures reinforced with grouted multistrand and bar tendons. The report also includes a assessment of existing practice for assessing corrosion damage and typical repair schemes together with the historical background. Specific probable problem areas for grouted tendons are explained for each critical part of the tendon.
Price: $41.50 (ACI members $25.00)

Specification for Producing a Skid-Resistant Surface on Concrete by the Use of Epoxy and Aggregate (503.3-10) This specification demonstrate the system for generating a skid-resistant surface on hardened concrete by the utilization of a multi-component epoxy resin. The specification takes into consideration controls for resin labeling, storage, handling, mixing, and application; surface evaluation and preparation; and inspection and quality. Besides, it also provides an aggregate applicable with the coating. Also obtainable in a Metric version.
Price: $32.50 (ACI members $20.00)

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Newly launched To-Scale Plan Center - An exclusive construction takeoff software

The software is ideal for viewing plans and executing highly detailed on screen takeoffs . No other program facilitates you to work with all of your plans open at once. Easily zoom or pan from one plan to the next saving you time and helping you maintain perspective. Blueprint takeoffs are faster and easier than ever before. Now one can bid more work in less time.

Advantages :

  • Faster construction estimating than ever before by taking off from multiple blueprint files on screen at the same time.
  • Eliminate your printing bill for estimating, for many contractors these savings will easily pay for the system.
  • Share your plans with suppliers, subs, vendors, GCs or anyone else that needs to see them.
  • Save time by not waiting on blueprint pages to load or to zoom in or out.
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Construction Estimating Checklist: A New Era of Estimating Service

If you are a newbie in the estimating service zone then you should know about construction estimating checklist and how to organize them. it is not possible to get the help of expensive software for fancy estimate proposals. Well you need at the very least some sort of checklist. There is a lot of free e4ducation and tips online to help your design a good construction estimating checklist. From how to methods to tips, all you have to do is search on the Google.

The Checklist of Construction Estimating

But you have to follow a basic structure for your construction estimating checklist should consist. Assuming you have the name of your company and address already registered, your form should have the following main features on it: Client Information like full name, address, phone number of both work and at home, email address; Project Description like brief description of project to ensure that your estimate includes all the client wants, example would be Kitchen remodel or Bathroom remodel or roof repair and Project ID: as your business grows and you end up deciding on what software will best help you manage your business, you will need each project to have the separate id. As the hope that the client will continue to use you for other projects, each project should have their own identification.

The teamwork to create a checklist

The Estimate: Now break down all the different steps the job will entail with a cost of 10% more that you think you can do the job for. This gives the client some wiggle room to negotiate bringing you back down to where you would have estimated the job to cost but giving the client a feeling of win/win negotiations. Total the cost. But the most important part of this estimate is that it should have an expiration date. You have no control over material cost but know that your supplier revises their cost on a particular day of the week and then your estimate should be in direct correlation to that cost. Your suppliers will give you an estimate of cost in writing guaranteeing the quote till a particular date. Make sure to make note of that date and make sure to include that date in your estimate.

Now make sure to organize your estimate by phases, no more than 3 phases. As you will ask for upfront payment per phase and schedule a walk through the completion of every phase with the client. Make sure to charge them for walk through inspections as the project may require city inspections in addition to your detail inspection which cost time. But this will also help you control the client wanting to do an unscheduled inspection which would take you away from your work and may be an insurance liability.

This should give you a good idea how to get started making an effective construction estimating checklist.