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Monday, June 11, 2012

Vertigraph launched SiteWorx/OS version 5.0 to streamline the site excavation process

Vertigraph, a noted provider of takeoff and estimating software for the construction industry, just launched of its updated and improved SiteWorx/ OS Version 5.0 on-screen cut-and-fill software.
SiteWorx/OS version 5.0 contains innovative technology with craftsmanship to make the site excavation process more accurate.

This newly launched software has promoted takeoff and estimating to an advance level.

Enhancements with SiteWorx/OS version 5.0  
  • Cross sections
  • Length measurement tool
  • Site balancing tool
  • User interface is developed for quick input and uncomplicated editing of items
  • Cut and fill volumes are now disclosed under any area placed on the site.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Planswift make upgradation to its product by launching newest version i.e.PlanSwift 9.3

Planswift just introduces the latest version of its flagship product i.e. PlanSwift Professional version 9.3.

This newly launched software has included several enhancements toward the requirement of construction industry professionals.

PlanSwift 9.3 is incorporated with your paid annual maintenance program. Annual maintenance empower the users to avail all program updates, upgrades, technical support and get entrance to the plugin store. If any user does not undertake the maintenance plan, then he can upgrade online here -
PlanSwift also arrange a free one-hour demonstration with an experienced estimator for their new version.
Some exclusive features of PlanSwift 9.3  : 
  • Locks projects with job locking option facilitating users to avoid overwriting the work performed by another users.
  • Double click to discontinue recording and begin a new section
  • Show Page Scale at top left of page
  • Demonstrate Measurement Type at the bottom center of page
  • Present unit of measure on digitized items in page list
  • Opt for pages from Takeoff Summary devoid of going over to the page list
  • With Duplicate Item option the user will be able to generate a replica of the chosen item in the Takeoff Summary and Template sidebars for quick replication of items.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Enhance your takeoff, estimating, and proposal management procedures with ProContractorMX™ by Maxwell

Maxwell introduces ProContractorMX™ containing robust and comprehensible features to enhance your takeoff, estimating, and proposal management procedures. ProContractorMX Estimating Construction Project Management Software utilizes the On Premise / Client Server Operating Environment.
ProContractorMX™ provides a complete construction software solution to be applied with the complications of the entire project lifecycle. The users will get solutions under one roof with uninterrupted control and flawless workflow across applications that range from takeoff and estimating through job cost accounting and project management, and finally for critical reporting and analysis.

Friday, June 1, 2012

One Stop Green launches Online Energy Calculator to Allow Users to quantity their Solar, Water, Lighting and Wind Resources

One Stop Green just launches a complete Energy Savings Calculator that can compute prospective solar, water, lighting and wind resources along with yearly energy and monetary savings for any home or business.

The Energy Savings Calculator has the ability to obtain a user’s location and data on sunlight, rainfall, and wind speed to quantify the energy produced from renewable resources. The Energy Savings Calculator can demonstrate any predictable annual savings by setting up the average monthly electricity utilization, preferred efficiency, and the cost of the electric bill for a home or business.

With this new application the users will be able to know the actual energy saving by switching from incandescent bulbs to more energy efficient compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs. The Wind Calculator can compute the ability to generate power through wind with the application of the location’s wind speed and preferred efficiency.

The Water Savings Calculator will compute the potential to collect rainwater by utilizing historical data like inches of rainwater fall for a location. Once a user has accomplished these various Energy Calculators, they can achieve better ideas of the cost and savings concerning each solution.

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