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Monday, June 11, 2012

Vertigraph launched SiteWorx/OS version 5.0 to streamline the site excavation process

Vertigraph, a noted provider of takeoff and estimating software for the construction industry, just launched of its updated and improved SiteWorx/ OS Version 5.0 on-screen cut-and-fill software.
SiteWorx/OS version 5.0 contains innovative technology with craftsmanship to make the site excavation process more accurate.

This newly launched software has promoted takeoff and estimating to an advance level.

Enhancements with SiteWorx/OS version 5.0  
  • Cross sections
  • Length measurement tool
  • Site balancing tool
  • User interface is developed for quick input and uncomplicated editing of items
  • Cut and fill volumes are now disclosed under any area placed on the site.

Other exclusive features :
  • Virtually compatible with different file types ranging from DWG, DXF, PDF, TIFF and several others.
  • Validate results with comprehensible concise 3D models. Generates accurate location of cuts and fills.
  • Ability to export results to Spread sheet, Doc and other formats.
  • Performs with the indigenous file with no file conversions or modifications required.
  • Adobe Acrobat Version X Standard is now offered under discounted, bundled pricing to insure
  • 100% compliance with PDF files.
  • With CAD files, isolate the design layers and takeoff the entire object with a single click.
  • Get cut volumes by soil strata by placing boring log data on the site

In order to upgrade to Version 5.0 download and install the SiteWorx Version 5 Installation file. New users should have to download the SiteWorx Version 5 Installation file. This file can be found on the download page together with installation instructions.

Download brochure
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