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Friday, June 1, 2012

One Stop Green launches Online Energy Calculator to Allow Users to quantity their Solar, Water, Lighting and Wind Resources

One Stop Green just launches a complete Energy Savings Calculator that can compute prospective solar, water, lighting and wind resources along with yearly energy and monetary savings for any home or business.

The Energy Savings Calculator has the ability to obtain a user’s location and data on sunlight, rainfall, and wind speed to quantify the energy produced from renewable resources. The Energy Savings Calculator can demonstrate any predictable annual savings by setting up the average monthly electricity utilization, preferred efficiency, and the cost of the electric bill for a home or business.

With this new application the users will be able to know the actual energy saving by switching from incandescent bulbs to more energy efficient compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs. The Wind Calculator can compute the ability to generate power through wind with the application of the location’s wind speed and preferred efficiency.

The Water Savings Calculator will compute the potential to collect rainwater by utilizing historical data like inches of rainwater fall for a location. Once a user has accomplished these various Energy Calculators, they can achieve better ideas of the cost and savings concerning each solution.

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