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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Official Google Blog: Introducing our Google Fiber for Communities website

Official Google Blog: Introducing our Google Fiber for Communities website

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A great Seminar on Construction Estimating

A two day upcoming seminar on best estimating practices and real-life problems will be held on 8th & 9th September, 2010 at Omni Jacksonville Hotel, 245 Water St Jacksonville, FL 32202. Some renowned estimators and engineers will discuss on the topic of unit price estimating for facilities renovation, repair and remodeling. This seminar is ideal for facility managers, architects, engineers, contractors, facility trades-people, planners, project managers etc. who deal with facilities planning, design, construction or involved with estimating and negotiating facility job order contracts.

For registration.....

Rajib Dey
The construction estimating

Monday, July 12, 2010

Benefits of Roof Estimating

Roof estimating is very essential to find out the exact amount of material required to construct a new roof or to renovate the old roof and to get the get the exact measurement of the roof that can be quantified by area or length.

There are so many improved estimating softwares that can generate 3D roof model and virtually calculate roof estimating figure along with size, geometry and orientation of the building roof section. These informations can be applied later on to generate a cost estimate to repair or replace the roof, or to install equipment thereon.

These softwares alo help to visually count the number of ridge tabs and get the totals for shingles, plywood, hip and ridge, valley flashing, and other important components.

Benefits of using roof estimating softwares:-
• Improve the accuracy for submitting quotes, enhance productivity and efficiency, lessen the error rate including waste and boost profitability.
• Prevent disastrous to the bottom line by providing accurate calculations.
• Prevented from over or under-ordering materials and labor.

Rajib Dey
The construction estimating

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Construction Estimation is must for recent competitive era

One of the fastest moving jobs around now is that of Construction Cost Estimating. Construction is the largest industry to use cost estimators; but the manufacturing industry also employs cost estimators.

Now the question is what Construction Estimation is
Simply we can say Construction Estimation is just like a “budget”. And we all aware of the fact that budget is very important for every step of our life. It is as useful for maintaining our expenditure on our home world as maintaining the economic condition of our country. At first, we make a budget and then according to this we maintain our account. Just like that, in business world specifically which is related to construction or manufacture Construction Estimation is a very essential part of the business as it estimates the production cost before starting the project.

Necessity of Construction Estimation
Every construction project, no matter how big or small, is controlled each step of the way by adherence to the project's budget. This budget is developed before the first shovel of dirt is removed or the first brick is laid on the site. It was likely compiled by a construction estimator who put together pricing for all materials, labor, and miscellaneous costs and fees associated with getting the project built.

The estimation is made early in a project & it helps determine the scope of what can be built and whether cost saving measures or value engineering must be considered. Here is lying the cause of the necessity of Construction Estimation.

Main purpose of a construction estimating
The main purpose of a construction estimator is to develop a project budget based on proposed building plans and specifications. The owner and design team use these figures to determine if they can afford to build the project the way it was designed or if changes need to be made. Other estimators are responsible for completely different tasks. They are employed by contractors to prepare bids for projects. On most jobs, the lowest bidder is awarded the contract, although other factors like experience etc. may be considered as well.

Construction Estimator must be alert until the project is rightly done
There is no word of laziness in that kind of profession. It is that profession where employees must be attentive till the end of the project and they have to remain constantly on tight deadlines. The entire project bids will have to strict as dates and pricing must be submitted on time and in the proper format. The job is therefore incredibly stressful and action-packed. Additionally, there is pressure to not make a mistake.

Recent advanced technology makes you confident & efficient
No program can guarantee that you'll win every contract you bid on, but a quality program can help you manage your day-to-day functions, increase your productivity and in turn, raise your profit margin.

The in-depth construction estimating software reviews and side-by-side comparisons can help you quickly access the needs of your small business and find the software that can help you get organized and productive.

Below are the criteria Top Ten REVIEWS used to rank construction estimating software:

Feature Set
Construction estimating software should provide all of the features you need to make your job easier. Including the ability to track job costs and bids as well as perform general office management functions. It should also accept customized formulas and calculations, provide reports, import national cost indexes, and compare subcontractor and vendor quotes and track jobs by divisions and sub-divisions.

Ease of Use
Construction estimating software manages many variables and therefore can be quite complex, but using the software should be as easy as possible. It should be well organized and presented in a logical manner.

Ease of Installation and Setup
The software should install quickly and set up without error, regardless of your computer experience.

Help Documentation
Since this type of software involves many aspects; the developer should provide tutorials, training classes and/or online demonstrations to help you learn how to utilize all of the features in a productive manner. A phone number, email, FAQs and other contact methods should be available for technical support.

A small investment in a flexible construction estimating program that can handle your needs can increase your accuracy, speed up your bidding process and ultimately add to your bottom line.

Easiness with math & Computer, good communication skills & self-confidence- just need for a Construction Estimator

Being able to accurately project the cost of upcoming projects is vital to the survival of any company. Cost estimators provide this vital information by developing the cost information needed in order to determine if a proposed product will be profitable, or to make bid for a contract. This also works to determine which endeavors are making an adequate profit.

About the job of construction estimator
A construction estimator will be responsible for calculating quotes and proposals for your employer and making sure that these proposals offer a good return on investment for the company. Construction estimators also negotiate contracts and prepare estimated construction prices based on architect's drawings, the amount of employees needed for the job and also the amount of construction materials required.

Main Criteria of being a Construction Estimator
The main aspect of the job is to analyze and compile data you have at hand. It is important that estimators have an easy inclination for math and a well-rounded confidence in their determinations. You need to be computer literate, have knowledge of office system software (such as word processing and spreadsheet) and be familiar with blueprints. Excellent communication skills are a must as you will interact with many different people at all levels in the industry.

Often an estimator's job description states that a college degree is preferred. In reality, a person can start to work in estimating as an assistant to the estimator. Upon learning the trade, they can work their way up to become an assistant estimator, then an estimator.

Types of estimators
There are three main types of estimators. The first are employed by architecture and engineering firms. They price the project as it is designed to determine whether it fits within the preliminary budget. Next the job is put out for bid to general contractors and their estimators put together estimates on what they should charge to build the project. Once the job has been awarded, the blueprints are sent to subcontractors, where a new estimator prices specific tasks, such as electrical work or carpet installation.

One must fulfill the demands of Employers to become a Construction Estimator
Employers interviewing estimators will look for three specific areas of credentials to satisfy: Education, Experience, and how you present yourself.

Education: If you have a degree in construction engineering, civil engineering or architecture then you have a big advantage to start with. If you don't have a construction related degree then try to complete a Certificate Program in Construction Estimating.

Experience: Either you have it or you don't. Field experience doing the type of work you will be estimating is very good to have. Experience producing successful estimates is the gold standard. If you don't have experience then make darn sure you satisfy the other two requirements listed here (Education and Presentation).
How you present yourself is important on several levels. The personality traits of good estimators are considered by some to be at least as important as education. Estimators must have an eye for detail, they must understand the value of money, they must be competitive and they must have an aptitude for mathematics. They must be analytical, adaptable, and technically oriented. Estimators often meet with clients and company management so they need people skills too.

Tips for improving the skill of estimation
As the estimation should be accurate & systematic, it must be done carefully & efficiently. The following tips intend to improve the skills of a construction estimator/cost planner.

1. Understand the market in which the construction process will take place.
This is an important aspect of cost estimating as the construction of buildings often involves many different specialist trades carried out by separate contractors. Understanding how these contractors operate in the current market will help arrive at a realistic estimate figure.

2. Know how buildings stand up.
Basic knowledge about the process of building construction also helps estimators accurately estimate the Preliminaries component which involves labors, plant and equipment resources required by the main contractor (builder) to project manage and supervise the construction activities carried out by trade contractors. The difference in material and labor would bring about a difference in the cost of the project.

3. Request quotes from suitable trade contractors for each project.
Each construction project has its distinctive characteristics in terms of locality, site conditions, timing, building type, etc. When asking for a quote from a trade contractor, it is important to understand the business preference and specialty of the contractor to ensure a realistic quote.

4. Utilize estimating software to help with the estimate.
Advanced technology has already made it simple to work out the costs of construction. The specialized software simplifies the process of estimation of cost, quantities of labors, plant and materials involved with the project. So utilizing this software designed to handle multiple functions one can easily & quickly make accurate construction estimation.

Efficiency is the key word for the success
Underbidding a job may cause the company to lose money, which could cost millions of dollars on large projects. Overbidding could mean the job is awarded to another firm. There is constant pressure both to get the job done and to get it done right. So “Efficiency” is the key word for the success of a Construction Estimator.

Anurupa Roy
The construction estimating service

Spreadsheet estimating portrays data relationships graphically

What is Spreadsheet
Spreadsheets have been used by accountants for hundreds of years. But computerized or electronic spreadsheets are of much more recent origin.
A spreadsheet is a computer application that simulates a paper, accounting worksheet. It displays multiple cells that together make up a grid consisting of rows and columns, each cell containing either alphanumeric text or numeric values.

Uses of Spreadsheet
This program used for managing, analyzing, and presenting information. Spreadsheets allow information to be sorted or displayed in a chart or graph as well as perform calculations on data. Simply, we can say, it usually provides the ability to portray data relationships graphically.

Helpful for decision making
In the accounting world a spreadsheet was is a large sheet of paper that lays everything out for a businessperson. It spreads or shows all of the costs, income, taxes, etc. on a single sheet of paper for a manager to look at when making a decision.

What is Estimation
Estimation is the calculated approximation of a result which is usable even if input data may be incomplete or uncertain. In project management (i.e., for engineering), accurate estimates are the basis of sound project planning. It is the process of using sample data to provide a single best value for a parameter (such as a mean, proportion, correlation, or effect size), or to provide a range of values in the form of a confidence interval. So “Estimation” is very important for running a successful business.
Benefits of Spreadsheet estimating
Management accountants who are involved in the accounting of retirement benefits can make their work easier by relying on computer spreadsheet technology. Projections from spreadsheets allow management accountants to incorporate magnitude and cost-timing uncertainties that are inherent in retiree benefits plans in the accounting process. As a result, a wide range of potential values for cash flows can be generated.

Usefulness of advanced spreadsheet
Advanced spreadsheet software can be used to replace traditional capital budgeting tools in predicting the likely performance of capital investments. The most common tools, including the compounding formula, the internal rate of return and net present value calculations, assume that their variables are fixed or known numbers and do not allow for variability to incorporate uncertainties, which typify capital investments. A better alternative to these traditional tools is the spreadsheet, which performs sensitivity analysis to help financial managers deal with uncertainty. Through probability distribution, these spreadsheet tools can predict the future performance of capital investments more accurately because it reflects the actual situation more closely.

Reasons for moving to Excel or other spreadsheet estimating:
Many contractors are moving to Excel or other spreadsheet applications instead of database, assembly driven estimating software.
There are many reasons for moving towards MS Excel, including:
• Virtually any estimating process can be automated through an Excel spreadsheet.
• Unlimited flexibility – if you can think it, Excel can often do it.
• Ability to set up an Excel template to your way of estimating or to a company standard.
• Large user base. Excel is currently taught in college and many high schools.
• Training is readily available and affordable.
• Easy to move from a paper spreadsheet system to an electronic spreadsheet. You will not change how you initially build and think through the estimate.
• Excel is more powerful and user friendly than previous spreadsheet applications. You can even link open databases to Excel spreadsheets.
• Lower cost and often higher value.
• Easier to build mathematical and logical formulas.
• Clear audit trail of how the numbers are generated.
As a conclusion we can say in a sentence, with great-looking templates, easy-to-create formulas, and dynamic tables and charts, spreadsheet estimating makes perfect sense to run your business just successfully.

Anurupa Roy
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