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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Go Figure, the latest mobile based application, can make a revolution in construction estimating process

A new mobile based application known as Go Figure Estimating Application launched by a Massachusetts company that will make a sea change in the construction estimates.

The developer teams of Go Figure consist of contractors for contractors, insurance adjusters, roofing, siding window vendors and more. The software helps the construction estimator to get rid of complicated and time consuming procedures of precisely estimating construction projects and quantify, cost and systematize construction projects 15 to 20 times faster.

Snap a picture of any construction through your iPad and select an item like carpentry, roofing, painting or any of the hundreds of other preloaded jobs from dropdown lists. After that locate the regions to be calculated on the touchscreen. The Go Figure will estimate every dimension of the construction, combine the quantities and generate easily accessible worksheets to work out costs. When the users select from the dropdown menu every time, then it will automatically put in contract language into a proposal.

The software also includes uncomplicated point and shoot interface involving the automatic proposal and stock-list generation which produce a commanding platform to simplify any construction project. The mobile printing package facilitates contractors to take print of the professional proposals on site.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Plexxis Launches Drag and Drop Document Management solution for Drywall & other contractors

Plexxis Software is going to introduce drag and drop document storage which is compatible with the Drywall ERP estimating, digitaltakeoff, construction management software, and mobile app solution. This new application is still in beta stage and based on the world’s most excellent fortune 500 database platform. With D&D doc storage, the building contractors will be capable of accumulating unlimited documents without any extra charge.
D&D The Doc storage system allows the estimators to assemble drawings directly within a job database. They can access the data from any place. Other project stakeholders can hoard each invoice, purchase order, timecard, email thread, jobsite video, job site picture, audio recording, employee picture, safety record, meeting minutes, scanned image, annotated report, or other content concerning any job directly within each jobs database.
In this system each document, contact, correspondence etc. will be placed in centralized position. The estimators can make huge time savings as they don’t have to search for drawings and they could allow other staffs for availing these drawing from anyplace just by heading for the jobs file. The system can also minimize the time span required for transmitting knowledge form one department to another.  
For getting the product demonstration and more updates, contact with

Chad Pearson
Dir: (416) 574-1677
Bus: (905) 889-8979
Email: Chad @
website :
595 Cityview Blvd. Unit 8
Woodbridge, ON
Canada, L4H 3M7

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Estimate difficult angles for roof framing with Rafter Tools+ for iPhone

Rafter Tools+ is one kind of rafter calculator applied for multifaceted roof framing angles. Besides, estimating general rafters, it also provides various roof framing angle information. The Rafter Tools Plus facilitates users to work out all of the difficult angles for roof framing.

The Rafter Tools Plus contains the following exclusive features:-
Shows the hip rafter plumb line shift dimensions to outline hip rafters accurately for equal pitched or uneven hip roofs following any eave angle (0° - 180°). By applying the hip rafter plumb line shift dimensions, perfectly compute and layout the witches cut per with Rafter Tools Plus (Square Tail Fascia).
Shows the hip rafter roof framing angles by utilizing simplified Framing Square. Analyzes the lengths of common rafters, jack rafters and hip rafters through ridge and hip rafter width deductions. Capable of estimating Pentagonal, Hexagonal or Octagonal Roofs.
Timber Framing Angles calculated from Bartok, Hawkindale, Martindale and McKibben-Gray Hip-Valley Roof Ratios Angle Formulas. Timber Framing Angles definition are just a click away in the app.
The most updated version is 1.1.1 that includes Plywood Cut Dimensions to Hip Angles, Jack Rafter Shiften and 5 more Timber Framing Angles.

Get Rafter Tools+ for iPhone help files

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ten steps to Estimate effort on your Project

Estimating plays an important role with the planning process. Prior to start duration and cost estimates, effort hours (man hours) should be computed initially. Pursue the following necessary steps to estimate effort hours.

1. Find out the accuracy of your estimate: As much as your estimate will be perfect, you can gather more detailed information regarding the construction project. While preparing a rough order of magnitude (ROM) estimate (-25% – +75%), it can be completed in quickest possible time with high level, and a lowest amount amount of detail. Alternatively, while executing a exact estimate within 10%, one shoud spend more time and recognize the work at a lower level of detail.

2. Make the preliminary estimate of effort hours: Apply different estimating techniques like analogy, prior history, PERT, modeling, etc. to estimate the project work.

3. (optional) Feature the effort hours on the basis of the allocated resources: If the estimate is performed on the basis of the endeavor involving average resource to execute the project. Sometimes you possess the knowledge of the accurate resource or the nature of resource to be allocated. If you perform, you should need to feature the estimate up or down based on that resource.

4. Include specialist resource hours: You have to ensure that you have choosen hours for part-time and specialty resources. These consist of freelance people, training specialists, administrative help, etc which are essential for special activities. As they belong to project support roles, it may happen that you overlook to take in their activities in the original Work Breakdown Structure.

5. (optional) Put in rework time: In a well organized project, all project deliverables should have been accurate initially. Rework is required if there are any mistakes in your quality management practice. It denotes that a deliverable seems to be perfect turn out to require additional work. Some projects include effort hours for rework, even though this should be curtailed.

6. Affix project management time: Project management acquires effort. A rule of thumb is to include 15% of the effort hours for project management. As for example, if a project estimate involves 12,000 hours (7 – 8 people), then a full-time project manager (1800 hours) is necessary.

7. Include contingency hours: Contingency denotes the insecurity or risk occured with the estimate. While preparing a estimating work which is not defined properly, one may include 50%, 75% or more to reveal the uncertainty. If the estimate is needed on short notice, a large contingency is necessary. Even if get time for preparing a estimate that is logically perfect, your contingency may still be 10-25%. If you do not insert a contingency amount, it suggests that you are 100% self-assured with your estimate. This may happen if the projets with identical nature have been completed earlier.

8. Work out the total effort: Combine the estimates for all the work components explained above.

9. Evaluate and fine-tune as essential: Sometimes while combining all the components, the estimate turns to be noticeably high or low. If your estimate seems to be improper , get back and make corrections to your estimating assumptions to expose reality in a superior manner.

10. Document all assumptions: You will never be familiar with all the details of a project for positive. Therefore, it is essential to document all the assumptions you are producing together with the estimate.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Textura-CPM : the powerful construction payment management system

Textura Corporation, the most recognized collaboration solutions provider for the construction industry, just introduced Textura-CPM, the powerful construction payment management system, for developing the payment process for effective construction management.

Textura—CPM very useful for both General Contractors as well as Subcontractors to enhance their workflow and reduce unnecessary steps in the construction payment process.

With Textura—CPM both General Contractors and Subcontractors can get the ability to make an online entry for invoices as well as online submission of waivers and compliance documents at a quickest possible time. Thus the system makes a significant time savings for the contractors. All the parties like owners, general contractors and subcontractors, who are associated with the payment process, can communicate with each other through internet.
Textura—CPM minimizes the risk concerning the hold up of payment by tracking of compliance status in real-time and direct electronic payments.

Textura–CPM™ contains the following exclusive features:-
  • Computerize Lien Waiver Collection and Tracking system
  • Computerize Compliance Collection and Tracking system
  • Online Approval Routing
  • System Integration
  • Role Based Security
  • Workflow Engine
  • Electronic Signatures
  • System Generated Project Documentation
  • Direct Deposit Payments
  • Easy to get to anywhere by All Participants
  • Sub Tier Tracking
  • Uniform Invoicing Process
Textura-CPM : the powerful construction payment management system

Advantages for General Contractors & Subcontractors:-
  • Superior Cash Flow
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Standardization
Advantages for Owners:-
  • Lessens Legal & Financial Risk
  • Get better Process Control
  • Better effectiveness
  • Make Sarbanes-Oxley possibles
  • Consistency
For online training

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Reed Construction Data introduced Intelligent leads to redefine construction project leads

Reed Construction Data recently unveiled the introduction of Intelligent Leads. It is a new system to monitor the movements concerning a construction project all through the United States. Intelligent Leads amalgamate the authentic database of construction projects from Reed Construction with RSMeans’ analytical cost models and provides supreme clarity into project opportunities.

With Intelligent Leads the building product manufacturers will be able to get exact ideas well in advance to utilize their endeavors in the most superior way for maximizing their revenues. RSMeans-backed Material Demand can easily quantify the value of any projects with completely searchable plans, specs and schedules for the manufacturer before time in the project life cycle prior to the formation of the specifications.

Intelligent Leads comes up with an insightful and customizable dashboard that gathers all information at the users’ fingertips. There are also other exclusive features like saved- searches, automatic company activity alerts and powerful exports which provide a superior user interface.

Intelligent Leads is accessible now and it will be demonstrated at the Greenbuild 2013 Convention in Philadelphia, November 20-21 at the Reed Construction Data Booth 3107.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

BEUS - Concrete Ultrasonic Measurement device

BEUS is just like a handy intelligent instrument that focuses on the final setting of cement-bonded mineral materials like concretes, cements etc. The measurement can be performed throughout concreting or prior to concreting. The device can be useful for construction job site, in laboratories as well as indoor and outdoor application. BEUS is designed for mobile application.

The device calculates in actual time and the result can be obtained instantly. It consists of cement based mineral materials with all aggregates, additives and admixtures are measured.

The entire system is portable (12kg) and battery powered (about 100 hours recording time) and as a result it can be utilized in any construction job site easily.

The device can smoothly quantify the solidification time (in line with DIN 18218) of concrete. The premeditated lower pressure recording facilitates savings in formwork effort.

There is a lab version & industrial version. The lab version that is useful for universities as it broadcasts the data through a USB interface attached to a PC.

To get more updates about the device, visit the following link


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