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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Go Figure, the latest mobile based application, can make a revolution in construction estimating process

A new mobile based application known as Go Figure Estimating Application launched by a Massachusetts company that will make a sea change in the construction estimates.

The developer teams of Go Figure consist of contractors for contractors, insurance adjusters, roofing, siding window vendors and more. The software helps the construction estimator to get rid of complicated and time consuming procedures of precisely estimating construction projects and quantify, cost and systematize construction projects 15 to 20 times faster.

Snap a picture of any construction through your iPad and select an item like carpentry, roofing, painting or any of the hundreds of other preloaded jobs from dropdown lists. After that locate the regions to be calculated on the touchscreen. The Go Figure will estimate every dimension of the construction, combine the quantities and generate easily accessible worksheets to work out costs. When the users select from the dropdown menu every time, then it will automatically put in contract language into a proposal.

The software also includes uncomplicated point and shoot interface involving the automatic proposal and stock-list generation which produce a commanding platform to simplify any construction project. The mobile printing package facilitates contractors to take print of the professional proposals on site.

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