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Friday, December 20, 2013

Gantt Chart and its various applications in construction projects

Gantt Chart is considered as a most powerful tool that can be applied to a construction project for efficient planning and scheduling. It is one kind of bar chart which demonstrates the schedule of a project along with start and end dates of activities & a synopsis of activities.

With Gantt chart the project managers get assurance that the project schedule is sustained at a logical pace, and the individual assignments that frame the work breakdown schedule reasonably developed in a efficient way ensuing the successful completion of the project in timely manner.
The diversified applications of Gantt chart range from outlining a marketing strategy or setting up a building project.
The Gantt chart can provide the following benefits:
  • Gantt chart is utilized to highlight phases and activities associated with a project.
  • The critical points on the chart are pointed out with bold or colored outlines of the bars.
  • An updated Gantt chart facilitates to deal with the project efficiently and solve the schedule issues.
  • Computer software can streamline the process for creating and updating a Gantt chart.

The Gantt chart can be applied to set up superiority network that finds out the priority level of each assignment concerning the project. Besides, the chart also appraises the dependency relationships of all the tasks. Both these features can lead to successful execution of the project by arranging and projecting the completion time of diverse tasks in a superior manner with a logical progression.
The chart also assists to characterize the tasks to be accomplished in tandem and identify the tasks which cannot be addressed unless other tasks are completely finished. This function facilitates to project both the sequence and the extent of each task associated with the project.
There are various applications of Gantt charts in construction sectors. Gantt charts should be applied by undergoing the following conditions:
  • To convey plan or status concerning a construction project.
  • To supervise tasks inside a project.
  • To communicate the sequence and extent of exact tasks or process from a construction project,
  • To reveal which tasks rely on execution of earlier tasks.

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