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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some useful Recommendations for getting better construction estimating process

A standardized approach and well suggested guidelines along with good processes should be undertaken for creating strong cost estimates which result in getting profitable job orders.
Aaron Martin, an MTI Systems’ trainer for Costimator recommends some excellent suggestions though which one can prepare sound cost estimating system confidently. As an instructor for various cost estimating software training classes, he gathers these suggestions from dealing with customers.
1. Scrutinize part drawings & specs in detail - A missed tolerance, surface finish or specification call out could impact, break or acutely influence decisions on the job.
2. Be reliable - Apply methods, tools, and the identical data that other estimators associated with your company utilize for producing equivalent results involving software, spreadsheet, standards, pricing, calculations, etc.
3. Undertake stringent quality checking procedures - Check your work repeatedly and try to make a brief review too. Besides, replicate re-occurring practices to eradicate their review – the estimating team must not analysis the cost used for a ¼” hole on every estimate.
4. Take the helps from expert! Consult with experts prevailing around you to solve your queries. Utilize their suggestions and preserve the information in a system for future application and save time.
5. Be updated. Follow the latest manufacturing technique or know-how that was emerged to minimize processing, material handling, or secondary operations. Find your time for regular review and provide suggestions to your team members for getting new ideas.

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