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Monday, August 24, 2015

How to get rid of concrete crack by using construction joints

Construction joint, expansion joint, contraction joints and isolation joints are the four types of joints generally found in Concrete Construction. They prevent the concrete from cracking. To get the optimum result, the exact position should be clearly identified before placing the construction joints in a concrete slab. Additionally, there are several types of joints in Concrete Structure, as stated below.

Materials for joints in water retaining structures and water tight structures:

  • Materials for joints in water preserving structures and water resistant structures for sewage and wastewater treatment will safeguard the construction from ethereal and close microbiological attack as well as gasoline, diesel oil, dilute acids and alkalis like hazardous materials.
  • Materials for joints in water preserving structures for drinkable and fresh water will adhere to the obligations of BS 6920.

Joint filler: Joint filler should be solid, elastic, single-thickness, non-decaying filler. Full depth of joint filers is designed to protect the joined ends. Joint filler for joints should be waterproof in water preserving structures and water repellent structures.

Bitumen solution: Bitumen composite for joints in water preserving structures and water-repellent structures will adhere to BS 3416. Bitumen composite for surfaces alongside which drinkable or fresh water will be preserved or transmitted, should adhere to BS 3416, type II.

Joint sealant: Joint sealant provides an effective and durable solution in concrete construction.

Joint sealant will maintain a grade to cope with the environmental conditions of Hong Kong and work perfectly over a temperature range of 0°C to 60°C. Joint sealant will remain grey for exposed joints.

Joint sealant except cold-applied bitumen rubber sealant will contain the following:-

  • A gun grade intended for horizontal joints, vertical joints and for disposed joints and having length 15 mm wide or less.
  • A pouring grade for horizontal joints having span over 15 mm.

Polysulphide-based sealant refers to a cold-applied two-part sealant that adheres to BS 4254. Polysulphide-based sealant meant for expansion joints in water preserving structures and water-resistant structures must contain a minimum 20% transverse butt-joint movement.

  • Polyurethane-based sealant refers to a cold-applied two-part sealant that adheres to the performance requirements of BS 4254.
  • Hot-applied bitumen rubber sealant shall compliant with BS 2499, type N1.
  • Cold-applied bitumen rubber sealant will be similar as proprietary type.
  • In table 1 given below, the description of Joint sealant for joints in water preserving structures and water resistant structures is provided.
  • The joint sealant manufacturer approves Primers and caulking material, to be applied with joint sealant, should be proprietary type.
  • Different types of joint sealant and primers which are combined with each other, will be congruent in nature.

Bond breaker tape: The Joint sealant manufacturer and the Engineer recommended and approved the Bond breaker tape like a proprietor type. The Bond breaker tape refers to a polyethylene film containing adhesive on one side and remains to be the complete width of the notch.

Bearing strip for sliding joints: The engineer recommended the Bearing strip for sliding joints that encompasses two plastic strips of a proprietary kind. These two plastic strips will protect from all weather conditions as well as chemicals to which the construction will be dependent devoid of weakening the reaction, sturdiness or utility of the strips.

Once it is set up, no maintenance work is required. The strips can combat with a vertical load of atleast three hundred kN/m2 and contain a most stable friction of 0.3 under a persistent cutting off force.

Water stops or Water stoppers: Water stops will range from natural or plastic rubber or extruded polyvinyl chloride and shall consist of the properties of density, hardness, lastingness, water absorption. Water stops, as well as intersections, educers and junctions, shall be of a proprietary type as recommended by the Engineer.

Construction joints are formed with the use of the specified materials. It will ensure that a better perception of material and proper choosing of water proofing material for various water retaining structures consisting of a durable waterproof system.

How to get rid of concrete crack by using construction joints

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Friday, August 21, 2015

DeWalt Mobile Pro – An exclusive android based construction calculator

This is an exclusive demonstration of DeWalt Construction Calculator App. The construction app can be downloaded at free of cost. This construction calculator is compatible with all android & apple devices.

The users can tailor this construction app with other trade-specific add-ons to make a tool that can satisfy your requirements.

This useful construction tool includes the following features:

  • completely functional construction calculator worth $20.
  • 9 free add-on calculations worth $10, incorporated reference materials together with help, examples, illustrations and more.
  • obtain unlimited supplimentary calculation in the form of add-ons that ranges from conversions, construction math, business and finance, carpentry, wiring, plumbing, masonry, concrete work, site work, HVAC, and more.

  • Crucial functions useful for calculating jobsite math.
  • allocation of calculations and results through email in quickest possible way.
  • Avail preceding calculations comfortably through recorded history.
  • Easily locate all your calculations tby pursuing, filtering and generating them.

DeWalt Mobile Pro

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Construction Project Manager’s Pocket Book’ – An exclusive guide book for Project Managers, Construction Managers & Quantity Surveyors

Duncan Cartlidge, a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors as well as an Associate Lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University , has written an exclusive book alias ‘Construction Project Manager’s Pocket Book’. It is a sententious reference book improves the basic knowledge of a project manager to a great extent.

In order to deal with a construction project, the project manager should have the required skills which range from technical know-how to leadership, negotiation, team building and communication.

This essential guide book will cover the following points :-

  • Pre-construction activities
  • Design management and BIM
  • Procurement
  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental management systems
  • People skills
  • Recommended document formats
  • Occupancy activities

Construction Project Manager’s Pocket Book focuses on the standard activities undertaken by the project manager to make a real project successful.

By going through the book, the readers will be familiar with the RIBA Plan of Work and OGC Gateway process together with how BIM make sea change in the liabilities and obligations of the project managers.

The book consists of the standard models and pro-formulas which will simplify the work processes of project manager, construction manager and quantity surveyor.

Construction Project Manager's Pocket Book

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Materials for low cost house construction

Low Cost Housing is a concept of reducing the construction cost in the construction Industry through the use of locally available materials with new technology and upgraded skills. In low cost housing building material cost is less but it does not mean that these buildings are constructed with cheap building materials of low quality. However low cost housing is done by efficient planning and proper management of resources. Low cost housing helps the low income group peoples to accommodate themselves into the buildings with minimal cost. This low cost housing can be developed with low cost building materials and low budget.

How to choose materials for Low Cost Housing:-

A few steps are taken at the time of choosing materials for low cost housing. The life cycle of building or housing is going through by three steps, i.e. pre-building stage, building stage, and pro-building stage. These three stages signify flow of building materials via diversified phases of a building. Pre-building includes processing, packing and transportation which are part of manufacturing process. Building stage consist of construction, operation and maintenance. And, in the pro-building stage the materials are recycled or further used.

Each stage of building is formed in such a manner so that the energy can be preserved for the building.

Pollution Prevention: Raw materials for housing are extracted from the ground or harvested from forests to reduce less pollution to the environment. Materials may emit additional pollutants during their production, installation or use. So at the time of manufacturing, building materials should be suitable and acceptable to the environment.

Biodegradable: When a material is disposed, it is dissolved naturally. Natural as well as organic materials are very easily dissolved. So while choosing a material, the precaution should be taken regarding whether a material decomposes naturally or generates some venomous gases.

Low embodied energy: Embodied energy is to define that energy required to construction materials, the process of building and after-effect on the environment. The reduction of the building industry’s energy consumption is of great importance and low embodied energy provides great solution in solving the issue of energy consumption.

Reuse and Recycling: Reuse and recycle of building materials effect the housing process, the circulation of materials or used materials. The roles of waste products within local and geographical boundaries become important deliberation for architects. Basically, scraps from plastic materials, steel are used to recycle for producing new materials.

Consistency of Building Materials: The consistent building material can provide a great impact on longevity and stability of the building as well as reduces the cost of maintenance. The reduced maintenance costs lead to saving huge operating cost of a building.

Building construction material - Download

materials for house construction
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to use RCsolver software program to make the design of 2-way reinforced concrete slab

Dimitrios Mamoglou, the renowned engineer and software developer, has presented an exclusive video for construction constructor & construction estimator. This video shows how to design a two way reinforced concrete slab through RCsolver software program by following Eurocode 2 specifications.

RCsolver is the kind of software that is used to create the design and computation of reinforced concrete structural members. It makes all the calculations defined in the Eurocodes and ACI 318-11 toward the tensile and shear reinforcement of the structural members.

RCsolver helps the users to have a 3D digital view of the members and the reinforcement rebars. It is combined with Eurocode 2 and 8 specifications, together with the national annexes specifications concerning a great amount of European countries. The latest version of RCsolver consists of the ACI 318-11 specifications focusing concrete member design.

Eurocode 2 and EC2 are both short forms for BS EN 1992, Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures. There exist four parts to BS EN 1992 but while referring to Eurocode 2 a good number of people suggest BS EN 1992-1-1 general rules and rules for buildings.

For more information,

15-day free trial version is available for users.

2-way reinforced concrete slab

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15 the best construction Apps for construction professional

According to a survey report, in January 2014 near about 58 percent of American adults used smartphone or tablet, and spent an average of 2 hours, 42 minutes on their phones every day. In recent days the average construction professional are also using mobile technology every day in their jobsite.

Keeping the fact in mind, the following 15 best construction apps have been launched for 2015.

Viewpoint for Mobile: Viewpoint Construction Software, of Portland, Ore has launched its Viewpoint for Mobile, its mainly a Mobile Field Manager. The Grid time entry feature inside the software provide similar functionality of a spreadsheet and it helps the users to monitor time and productivity in a grid. By this Construction Software users can snap and arrange photographs of progressing work in a jobsite. These photographs are automatically labelled with a date, location and job code.

One can access this app in the Google Play store and iTunes.

Construction Manager: This app is extensively used by several construction professionals for transmitting of maintenance logs, daily reports, project estimates and time sheets between company headquarters and construction sites. By this software salespeople and estimators can make estimates for construction and repair projects automatically.
You may find this above said app on the Play store.

Fieldwire: Fieldwire is a planning app that provides huge benefits to the foremen, project managers and superintendents to coordinate with each other when they are in the jobsite. The staffs can find the most updated set of plans and allocate vital information containing photos and punch lists through this organizational app.
One can access this app via Apple phones and tablets.

iSafe Inspections: With the help of this app the construction team members can conduct any kind of inspection, as well as safety audits, work orders, property assessments, asset management, service management and custom forms.
On Android and iTunes the app is available.

Safety Meeting App: This App deals with 34 trade types. With the help of phones, tablets or computers user can access this app. This app can fulfil Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s requirement by keeping laws and preserving records automatically.
Apple and Android phones users can access this app.

Corecon Mobile: By using this app user can share punch lists, project dynamics, administration and daily logs which may bring lots of benefits to Estimators and project manager’s prise.
Apple and Android phones user can access this app.

PlanGrid: It is one of the best apps for iPhone and iPad. It helps contractors and architects to coordinate on all their project plans, specs and photos. By uploading PDF drawings to users can automatically synchronise all devices in real time.
On Google Play Store and iTunes this app is available.

iHandy Carpenter: In this app, five tools are integrated to streamline the measuring to levelling process for Carpenters.
On iTunes and Google Play Store, this app is available.

BuildCalc: It is a sophisticated calculator useful construction estimation. This powerful calculator is very user-friently. It’s one of the best apps for iPhone and Android users. This app is being upgraded constantly to support the most updated phone-operating systems.
On iTunes and Android the app is available.

Construction Master Pro: This app is used to perform diversified functionalities which range from outline stairs, work out required amount of drywall in a construction project. It has similarity with BuildCalc.
At the Microsoft store, as well as Google Play and iTunes the app is available.

BIMx: BIMx acts like a interactive 3-D communication and presentation tool for architectural designs. It was selected as the product-of-the-year in 2012.
On Google Play and Apple devices the app is available.

Architect’s Formulator: This app contains over 400 formulas useful for electrical, carpentry and plumbing calculations. These types of formulas are applied in soil filling; placing bricks properly; swimming pools, sidewalks and parking areas etc.

AutoCAD 360: As it is a drawing and drafting app, it facilitates the users to view, edit and allocate drawings out of mobile devices, desktops and the Internet.
On Android, Windows and iTunes the app is available.

Buildanauts: TouchTilt Games Inc has developed beta version of Buildanauts. The full version will be launched soon for commercial usage. With this game app, you can perform like a foreman, city planner and the mayor of a town and create plan for the city as well as make it realistic through the help of a construction crew.

Sim City BuildIt: This app had been launched in December and now it is accessible for Andriod users. This app has similar features like Buildanauts. With help of this app users can solve the issue associated with a real-city like traffic, fires and pollution after city is constructed from the ground up.

According to a survey report, in January 2014 near about 58 percent of American adults used smartphone or tablet
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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Construtech will host an event alias Constructech Technology Day 2015 to explore with next gen construction technology

The Next-Gen Construction Technology Day will be organized in Maggiano’s Little Italy, Schaumburg, Ill on 27th Aug.

The Construction Technology Day in 2015 will help the forward thinking construction professionals in their journey to employ next-gen construction technology which will be considered as avant-grade and standard tools in near future.

Definition of Technology Day
Technology Day refers to the leading event specifically designed for construction sectors that will provide guidance to constructional professionals to optimize their efforts for creating a new economy as well as restructure the direction for their company.

Expectation from this event:
There will be demonstration on some of the world’s most recognized technology solutions, a half-day seminar highlighting the latest updates of construction. The event will come to an end with the Vision award ceremony and winner lists (Women) of Construction technology.

Types of Participants
Technology Day is organized in each year and it is the meeting place of construction professionals, software contributors, industry mentors, and specialists to create the framework of future construction technology.

Expenses for attending the event:
  • For Construction Professionals: Cost of Dinner will be $350 for Conference and Vision Awards; cost of a single pass to participate in the event is $175; the cost of dinner only for Vision Awards will be $30.
  • For Vendor and Technology Providers: Cost of Dinner will be $575 for Conference and Vision Awards; cost of a single pass to participate in the event is $299; the cost of dinner only for Vision Awards will be $550.
  • For Seller and Technology Providers: Cost of Dinner will be $575 for Conference and Vision Awards; cost of a single pass to participate in the event is $299; the cost of dinner only for Vision Awards will be $55.
  • For the Students: The participating students will get huge discount on entry fees and their cost will be ($15 ).
  • For Understudies: Conference Pass Only ($15).

At the point when will the occasion happen: The occasion will be held at Maggiano's Little Italy in Schaumburg, Ill. on 27th August 2015.

For any further enquiry regarding advertising and marketing opportunities, please send mail to Lynne Flakus

Register your seat online

ENR online construction webinars

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A wide array of Construction Accounting & Construction Management Software from Eque2

Eque2 offers a wide array of construction software useful for accounting, estimating, house building, onshore/offshore construction asset management or contracting solution towards small contracting companies as well as multinational or international construction or contracting company.

This construction accounting software will help small to medium firms to maintain & manage their costs as well as track budgets. Besides, one can track, record and distribute data on subcontractor activity, and deal with purchase orders and invoices for reporting purpose efficiently.

This software is used to observe cashflow and control variations as well as trim down costs and increase margins with improved efficiency. With this construction software, one can meet contract budgets, handle purchase orders and invoice and record subcontractor data.
Differentiate amid perpetual, subscription and open-source licenses to find out the perfect model that is most financially suitable for your business.

It is useful construction management software that offers advanced and customizable business management solutions for large and complex construction and contracting organizations to effectively manage their commercial, financial and operational processes.
EVision provides unmatched construction-specific features direct to your users and you can get complete control over your commercial, financial and operational processes. Improve the effectiveness of your project as well monitor, supervise and report on the functionality of subcontractors and suppliers.

This construction software helps you to optimize your resources and make sure that margins are sustained by producing uniform and perfect data from initial phase to post-contract work during your business. EValuate can instantly generate precise and reliable tenders, budget cost plans, valuations and final accounts. It is user-friendly and performs over a diversified business functions.
EValuate Lite refers to the integrated, single-user version of the EValuate construction pricing software, that includes all the features necessary to classify, compute and price work on the various routes concerning project procurement.

This software can be used to control and track in all the people, materials, equipment and services which are delivered to the offshore/onshore industries in real-time. Besides, it also evaluates equipment servicing and maintenance and bill for multiple projects at multiple rates.

This software helps to deal with each phase of the house building process more efficiently, from preliminary land appraisals and acquirement, right through the construction phases, to sales and marketing and finally, to customer care.

ENR online construction webinars

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