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Monday, August 23, 2010

free electrical estimating softwares

Electrical Calculations
Electrical Calculations is one of the best free electrical estimating software mostly suitable for Electrical Engineers and tradesmen. It makes calculations for busbar and cable ratings, static and bulk power factor correction, motor starting currents and curves, enclosure ventiation, transformer calculations and many metric / imperial conversions and constants.
It is also free electrical estimating software. It is considered as a calculator software for the Palm OS, the Top-Rated Electrical and Electronic Engineering Calculator for PDAs today. There are various formulas & variations using which can be applied under a most advanced user interface. Well matched with any Palm OS device from system 3 to 6 whether color or monochrome. It comes with a high resolution feature that generates a high advance high resolution PDAs.
EstiMaker PalmOS 1.1a
This free electrical estimating software provides assistance to electrical professionals with the estimating/bidding process. By using this free electrical estimating software an estimator get the ability to perform a take-off estimate in at least a third of the usual time. The software contains database of over 4600 electrical parts along with pricing and labor data for each part. In order to compute all the factors and create a job estimate, just choose the parts needed for a job. Then point out the quantity of each part and enter amount for extras like special equipment and rentals. The software can create limitless number of jobs to be kept for future reference.
Electrc 2005
This free electrical estimating software is ideal for electrical contractors, engineers, inspectors, estimators, and electrical maintenance personnel. The software execute wire sizing, conduit fill, motor, lighting, panel schedule, transformer, voltage drop, box fill, fault current, and power factor correction calculations. The free electrical estimating software also has built-in reference table from the NEC. Many NEC parameters are supported as well as parallel conductors per phase, ambient temperature derating, terminal temperature derating, quantity of current carrying conductors derating, circuit type, voltage drop percentage, and more. All files are saved to disk and reloaded for future application.
Resistor Values
This free electrical estimating software can work out the value of a 4 band resistor based on the color bands or the reverse. It can demonstrate the color bands of a resistance value entered by the user. The trial version is limited to resistance values of 1000 Ohms (1 KOhm) or less whereas the registered version shows resistor values up to 99000000 Ohms or 99 MOhms.
Electrical Mechanics and Maths 9.2
This free electrical estimating software is an educational software package ideal for MEP sectors including Electrical Installations and Automotive Engineering. With this software the high quality graphics can be redrawn to reproduce every user change.
LadderWorks Electrical Designer 5.0
With this free electrical estimating software one is able to make horizontal prints as well as vertical prints. Printouts of electrical schematics and various different connectors including a couple of special interest printouts of Grids, and notebook sheets, and a checkbook registry. Electricians can create electrical drawings which can be saved or printed out on paper for personal use. This free electrical estimating software comes up with a heats page along with a thermocouple page. There is a three phase page including a single phase page. Anybody can create his own electrical symbol. Just open one of the gif files in Windows Paint. Then wipe out the fuse part of the picture and include your own device according to your choice.
Design Master Electrical 7
This free electrical estimating software is considered as an incorporated electrical building design and drafting program for AutoCAD. The software contains features like panel schedule, circuiting, feeder sizing, fault current calculations, voltage drop calculations, photometrics, light fixture layouts, one line riser diagrams, fully customizable graphics, circuit looping, automatic tick marks switching etc.
Best Estimate Pro
This free electrical estimating software facilitates contractors to perform accurate electrical estimates faster and easier even in 30 minutes. By applying this software purchase orders is generated directly from an estimate. One is able to modify the parts and quantities as per choice and print/fax the purchase order to the wholesaler. In order to make a change order, just modify the electrical estimate according to customer’s requirement. Print out the Estimate Comparison report with the changes for your customer. The software can track the changes you made.
This free electrical estimating software comes up with features like Labor Report which produces the estimated labor hours for each room by project phase. This helps to figure out the total time required for an employee to complete a job.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

CMiC Open Enterprise v10

This technologically advanced new version will be highly beneficial for the architectural, engineering, construction and capital project owner industry.
By using a single scalable database the software integrates all project management functions and informations to improve speed and accuracy of project final costs. This will minimize the transaction time and enhance productivity.
This XML based software facilitates organizations to speed up interoperability within their own organization and interoperability with external project stakeholders.
The software comes up with our main product groups
CMiC Financials
CMiC Project Controls
CMiC Project Management
CMiC Experience Management
The software can provide the following advantages :-
Job Initiation
Estimate to Job Cost Budget
Estimate to Subcontract / Purchase
Payment Management / Compliance
Contract to Billing
PCI to Posted Owner Change Order
Job Forecast to WIP
Procurement to Payment
Financial Budget to Financial Statements
Order Bill to Cash
Time Sheet to Employee Check
Site Management

Rajib Dey

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Interior Design Estimate

The term interior design is concerned with the improvement of an interior space. After purchasing a residential house or an office for the company premises the first thing is to optimize and harmonize the uses of the interior space.

Interior design is a practice that reacts to changes in the economy, organization, technology, demographics, and business goals of a business.

So interior design estimate is very much essential to figure out the cost of designing commercial or residential interiors.

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Residential Estimating

We provide a complete residential estimating service that will be beneficial to the building professionals and owner builders. For several years we have been successfully providing professional estimating services to the new constructions, residential construction, remodeling construction, light commercial, apartments, town homes and more.

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