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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Two-Day US Workshop Series for Efficient design of post-tensioned buildings

This workshop series is purposely designed for those who get interested in availing practical training & in detail training in 3D-FEM concrete software, modeling processes and methods used for the design and evaluation of post-tensioned buildings.

There will be wide-ranging workflows and intermutual step-by-step guidance which will be undertaken for common structure types like parking garages with post-tensioned girders and one-way slabs, mat/raft soil-supported foundations, two-way elevated slabs and transfer/podium slabs.

The attendee can acquire in-depth training concerning each specific structure type with ADAPT-Builder 2012 software (containing ADAPT-Floor Pro, Edge and MAT) in an interactive learning atmosphere. Special guidance will be provided for the utilization and incorporation of ADAPT-Edge, a newly launched multistory analysis tool by ADAPT.

One can gather practical expert knowledge & understanding on how to effectively utilize these software tools in the design phase and extend practical workflows for completing a project.

First Day - Parking Structure with PT Girders and One-Way Conventional Slab / Soil-supported Mat Foundation Design:
  • Get acquainted with software tools applying the Finite Element Method (FEM) and the Equivalent Frame Method (EFM)
  • Presentation and demonstration of a new multistory analysis tool for concrete structures, both traditionally reinforced and post-tensioned, ADAPT-Edge
  • Explanation of workflows from start points regarding Revit integration, DWG/DXF files or other 3rd party software output
  • Revit model integration with ADAPT-Builder and model authentication
  • Pre-analysis formation concerning gravity and lateral loads, load patterns, elastic combination definition, long-term and cracked deflection combinations, stiffness and material assumptions
  • A superior application for modeling involving components, finite element meshing, tendon modeling/optimization and analysis options
  • Amendments for introducing mat foundation and load takedown
  • Examination of the structure and creation of design criteria as well as design strips for beams/girders and one-way slabs
  • Design strip implementation and drawing out of graphical and tabular results for report collection
  • Export of reinforcement to Revit and Autocad
Second Day - Two-Way Elevated Slab / Two-way Transfer Slab
  • Assessment of workflow for two-way slab systems in multistory structures or transfer/podium slabs
  • Conversion of DWG/DXF files to structural components in ADAPT-Builder
  • Formation of a multistory model from singular models or numerous drawing files
  • Detailed modeling, analysis and design instruction for two-way slab systems similar to Day 1
  • Evaluation of results and preparation of graphical reinforcement layout for export to Autocad
Series of upcoming USA workshop
  • New York, NY - September 19 - 20
  • Vancouver, BC - September 25 - 26
  • Phoenix, AZ - October 17 - 18
  • Dallas, TX - November 7 - 8
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