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Friday, November 4, 2011

Material Take Off with Revit

One of the larger features that was included with the Revit 9 release was material take off's. This feature allows us to easily schedule the type, quantity, etc. of materials that are used in our Revit designs. Needless to say, this is a huge part of green building. With this information we can also begin cost analysis & estimating directly from Revit.

Material takeoff schedules list the sub-components or materials of any Revit Architecture family. Material takeoffs are detailed reports of the materials you will need to purchase for each project, as well as the total quantities of those materials. Material takeoff schedules have all the functionality and characteristics of other schedule views, but they allow you to show more detail about the assembly of a component.

To more specific number for scheduling for Material takeoff:
  • Since “Volume” is calculated, first create a project parameter for materials called "Thickness".  Set type to “Length”.
  • Next add a “Calculated Value” column in the schedule to divide the “Material: Volume” parameter by the “Material: Thickness” parameter [which would be entered manually for each material in the project] once you add that parameter to the schedule.  Calculated value column should be set to “Area”.
  • The “Calculated Value” column will display a more specific number for scheduling.

Integrated materials takeoffs can increase your productivity, and save you valuable time and money.

- Soft Costs
- Site Costs - landscaping)
- Foundation Materials
- Windows and Doors
- Electric, HVAC & Plumbing
- Interior Finish Materials - dry wall, trim, floor and labor
- Cabinets - kitchen, vanities & counter tops)

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