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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exterior Siding Cost Estimating Takeoffs

Takeoff cost estimating software helps cost estimators collect and synchronize Multiformat design data and high-quality images, providing comprehensive support and enabling a smoother design-to-cost workflow. Use cost estimating Takeoff to leverage property data to automatically or manually measure, count, and price various building objects.

Cost Estimating provides a comprehensive set of takeoff tools for use with 3D DWF models, 2D DWF sheets, DWG sheets, PDF files, and image files (TIFs, GIFs, and JPGs). The type of document you select on the Documents palette determines the automatic and manual takeoff tools that are available.

Jason Pratt explains how you can do Exterior Siding takeoffs-

Cost Estimating Takeoff Tools with 3D DWF models and 2D DWF sheets. These tools use the design data embedded in the DWF files by publishing applications to create takeoff data. These tools are:-

Model Takeoff: This tool, which can be used only with 3D DWF files, extracts the object tree from the model and adds it to the Takeoff palette. The items that are created by the Model Takeoff tool are placed in a takeoff group whose name is based on the model name. 

Search Takeoff: This tool, which can be used with 3D models and 2D sheets, creates takeoff data for multiple items based on search criteria you define. Using the tool, you select a piece of geometry on a sheet and specify search criteria based on the object’s design data. 

Single-Click Auto Takeoff: This tool, which can be used with 3D models and 2D sheets, lets you create a takeoff measurement with a single click on a piece of geometry.

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