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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cost Estimating Software in General Contractor and Builder

Cost Estimating Software is designed for General Contractor and Builder that need to provide faster and more accurate cost estimates. Cost estimating software has lead to more efficient computations, leaving estimators more time to visit and analyze projects. Estimating enables manufacturers, including fabricating and machining shops, to quickly and accurately estimate cycle times and costs based on your equipment and shop rates.

Cost estimating software for Microsoft Excel The world's best way to create office productivity is now the easiest way to build accurate painting cost estimates. You can now work in a single MS Excel environment to quickly create, build, and manage your estimates. Experience the built-in area calculator. Utilize built-in reporting or use Excel's reporting functions. It's all in one complete, integrated solution - Paint Cost Estimator for Excel.

Most construction cost estimating software programs allow you to compare bids from multiple trades and suppliers, and select the best bid in terms of price, quality, and past trade and supplier performance.

Cost estimation Software involves the determination of one or more of the following estimates:
- Effort (usually in person-months)
- Project duration (in calendar time)
- Cost (in dollars)

General Cost Estimator comes with an extensive general construction cost database in the industry-standard, covering all cost categories of construction estimating. You can easily customize the database to suit your cost estimating style - add New Cost Data or Edit Existing Data, apply Your Own Overhead and Profit Factors, and make Changes to Suit the Way You Do Business. General COST Estimator is so simple that with a step-by-step wizard-like interface, you will generate a complete cost estimate within minutes.

There are five rules of successful estimating for general contractor and builder-

  1. A good estimate must start with a complete understanding of scope of work followed by an accurate quantity takeoff. It's all too easy to miss out identifying items of work in the project.
  2. Understand your resources and their cost to you – material suppliers, labor force, subcontractors, construction equipment, indirect costs, and management.
  3. Evaluate your strength and weakness and establish comparative advantage.
  4. Determine appropriate Overhead and Profit rates.
  5. Use sound estimator’s Judgement and keeps an open mind and ear.
Posted by Manoj Kumar Singh
Web Developer

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