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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Estimating and Takeoff Tools for Contractors

Estimating takeoff tools to convert printed or digital plans, or on-site measurements, to an accurate BOM based on your products pricing and construction methods. Estimating Takeoff Tools uses cutting edge technology to generate takeoffs directly from your PC screen. Using common digital image file formats, such as .TIF, .CAL, and most CAD files you can see your blue prints directly on your computer screen and use your mouse to quantify lengths, areas, volumes and counts.

Estimating Takeoff communicates with a digitizer for a truly competitive takeoff advantage.  Any construction trade can use this program and is well suited for General Contractors, Subcontractors and Project Managers. You can purchase Estimating Takeoff Tool products and continue to develop new features and enhancements on a continuing basis.

Scale Master Pro XE - Advanced digital takeoff tool with dual LCD displays
Scale Master Pro - Affordable digital takeoff tool with dual LCD displays
Scale Master Pro XE with PC Cable - Advanced Digital Plan Measure with PC Interface
Scale Master Classic - Digital takeoff tool with 72 built-in scales
Scale Master Pro XE PC Interface - Interface your Scale Master Pro XE with your PC
USMP with Smart Takeoff - Complete area takeoff tool and graphic digitizing system with software
Ultra Scale Master Pro - Affordable, versatile and powerful takeoff tool and digitizing system
Smart Takeoff! For USMP - Graphic program for Ultra Scale Master Pro

These Estimating Takeoff tools from Calculated Industries plan measuring tools also know as plan scalars will help you get fast, accurate takeoffs for estimating bidding and layouts.

Takeoff and Estimating software tools are used worldwide and are industry. Some contractors simply need quantity takeoff tools to estimate the volumes and cost of the project. Other contractors will require advanced, non-takeoff related features, such as global positioning system interface, blade control, and site layout and design tools.

Posted by Manoj Kumar Singh
Web Developer

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