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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spreadsheet based Quantity Takeoffs Sheets

Cost Estimating Software’s built in Quantity Takeoff feature allows you to perform detailed Item quantity calculations in spreadsheet based Quantity Takeoff Sheets. The QTO Sheet to the right is a simple example of how the total volume for a number of trenches within a Project can be quickly and accurately calculated.

The Quantity Takeoff sheet is a general form for taking off and listing types, sizes, quantities, etc. of the various items required in a bid other then ductwork or piping, for extending the material amounts, labor, costs, etc. and summations.

There are two kinds of digitizing software applications- 1) simple digitizer software that calculates quantities and often sends the quantities to spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel or 2) digitizing software that is integrated with a database, assembly driven estimating program. Once you decide to implement a digitizer, you’ll then need to evaluate which type of estimating software is best for applying costs to the digitized quantities.

Building Information Modeling automatically generates the quantity takeoff sheet. Interestingly, any changes in design updates the quantity take-off sheet and construction schedule automatically making the construction estimation and take-off effortless.

The Takeoff sheet to the right shows a very simple example of how this function can be used to work out the total area of multiple walls. Example of Estimating Takeoffs Sheets-

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