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Saturday, December 3, 2016

How to develop stairs – Some useful tricks

By watching this construction video tutorial, one can sharpen his/her knowledge for developing stairs. The video also provides detailed information on how to measure the individual riser height by separating it into the total height among the lower and upper floors as well as estimate individual part perfectly.

While developing stairs, focus should be given on proper layout and some theoretically delicate calculations. Stairs must adhere to stringent building codes to maintain proper safety and climbing comfort.

There are three prime components in a standard staircase like stringers, treads and risers. Stringers, generally cut from 2 x 12s, which belong to the sloped boards for providing support to the other components and bearing the weight of people walking on the stairs. They're usually arranged 16 in. on center. While defining the width of the staircase, wider width is preferred as people can wal on wide staircases securely and comfortably.

Treads build the top surface of every step, and risers are set up directly below the front lip of each tread. Some stairs don't contain risers but it should be avoided as risers safeguard the uncovered endgrain of the notched stringers from the weather.

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Rajib Dey

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