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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How to estimate the amount of concrete for pouring a L shaped concrete slab

This construction video briefly explains how to estimate the concrete quantity essential for pouring a L shaped concrete slab in the ground having splayed edge beam and a rebated edge.

Concrete slabs refer to floor systems of concrete and steel reinforcing. These are built on the ground. There are different types of concrete slabs which range from slab on ground, stiffened raft slab, footing slab, waffle raft slab, infill slab.

Edge rebates should be placed in the edge-stiffening beam when exterior walls belong to masonry veneer or complete masonry. A check out from the edge beam will produce a flange for the brick to hinge on under the top of the slab. This extra protection is taken to stop surface run-off water from inflowing the building.

The rebate must be flashed and weep holes are arranged in the masonry. The weep holes should be placed at a least distance of 1.2 metres so that the water can be blown out and left from the wall and the slab.

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