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Monday, September 12, 2016

Brief demo of Clay Block Walling System for building

This construction video highlights the new smart method for modern construction i.e. clay block walling system. This construction method is very popular all over Europe. Clay Block Walling is considered as a superior & strong substitute with regard to conventional building system and materials.

The clay block walling system provides the following benefits :-
  • Construction process will be upto 5 times quicker as compared to conventional block work
  • 95% less water required in construction
  • Application of mortar is minimum with 1 mm bed
  • Achieve Water-tightness with reduced time
  • Contains superior thermal & acoustical power
  • Lighweight with fewer continual strains
  • Less Mortar Contact
  • Unit compression strength 10 n/mm2
  • Outstanding form stability with porotherm structure

Published By
Rajib Dey

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