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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sustainability in construction and civil engineering

Sustainability is one of the important aspects of the engineering. It protects the project from surroundings and living eco-system.

The projects involve use of machine, structure demolition, using green premises and many more.

The reason for sustainability:-
  • Generation of waste material
  • Vehicular emission
  • Noise pollution of heavy machine and vehicular use.
  • Discharging waste materials.
Waste products: The waste products could create harm to environment. It is advisable to reuse it after minimization of waste.

These are some steps that make the construction-misuse suitable,

Eliminate – Avoid constructionsquander in the first place.

Reduce – Reduce the amount of waste you produce.

Reuse – Recycle the construction wastes.

Recover – Reprocess after reused it.

Dispose – Arrange of what is left in right way.

Building materials: Use of river sand and gravel has some harmful impact on the construction. It needs mining on the river bed misbalanced the eco-system. Now the use of alternate building materials is rising.

Now hit this link to get more knowledge about it. Now a day, the use of green building has been increased. These are energy efficient buildings. Otherwise transparent concrete can be used.

Some tips and tricks:-

First of all, decrease the supply chains reducing transport costs.

Train waste minimization and reprocessing the construction.

Building orientation is important. Mark it as it can reduce the energy.

Sustainability in construction and civil engineering

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Rajib Dey

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