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Friday, January 30, 2015

Cool Roof Coating Systems can bring huge benefits for maintenance of your roof

roof coating refers to an inflexible, fully complied with, fluid based roofing overlay. So a roof coating is considered as the top layer of an amalgamated roof coat as well as elemental system.

Now-a-days cool roof coating systems become very popular worldwide constructionprofessionals. A Cool Roof is defined as a light-colored commercial roofing system that returns the scorching heat & harmful rays of the sun as well as instantly emanates any absorbed solar heat and in this manner reduces the roof and building temperature and safeguards the roof against sunlight degradation. So a cool roofing coating system can minimize cooling energy demand in buildings by up to 50%. A Cool Roof coating system will save money to a great extent and enhance the durability of the roof with lesser repairing & maintenance costs, facilitates lessening power plant emissions, makes the air quality superior, and minimize landfill waste.

Followings are some of the useful benefits of cool roof coating systems :-

Cool roof coating systems denote light colored roof coating systems useful for reflecting the sun’s heat, alias Ultra-Violet (UV) rays, ahead of your roof. The building soaks up a small amount of heat and maintains the temperature cool within the building. It will safeguard the roof against scorching sun causing blistering, splitting, embrittlement, and early aging as well as elongates the durability of your roof.

Cool Roofing Systems are based on verified acrylic technology that offer greater long-term waterproofing and keep away from expensive leaks.

With its extremely reflective and emissive qualities, cool Roof coating system guarantees long lasting life span of the roof as compared to dark-colored or aluminum-coated roofs, which often destroy early owing to sunlight revelation.

These reflective and emissive systems prevent destructive UV rays and decrease high roof surface temperatures that can lead to asphalt degradation.

Cool roof coating systems avoid the predictable and normal corrosion a roof experiences. These reflective coating systems offer supplementary UV protection, stability and sustainability to the roofs surfacing facilitating the roof to get rid of gradual deterioration all through the years.

These cool roof coatings are set up in place, directly over any existing elderly, leaking and/or failing roof. Get rid of any expensive and well-timed roof replacement.

Cool Roof Coating Systems can bring huge benefits for maintenance of your roof
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