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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

RS Mean’s 2015 Facility Manager’s Package offers new life cycle cost models for facilities

RSMeans obtained by the Gordian Group, the most recognized supplier of construction cost estimatinginformation in North America, just declared the availability of its totally new life cycle cost models for facilities which belong to its 2015 Facility Manager’s Package.

The RSMeans Facility Manager’s Package provides all the elements useful for facility managers and owners to precisely estimate the total cost of ownership and operation of diverse commercial, industrial and public buildings. 2015 Facility Manager’s Package consists of five modules ranging from FacilitiesConstruction Cost Data 2015; Facilities Maintenance & Repair Cost Data 2015; Assemblies Cost Data 2015; Square Foot Cost Data; and Life Cycle Costing for Facilities.

The newest module wiil help in computing the Life Cycle Costing for Facilities. The facility managers from all over the world will be able to prepare the long-standing cost plan forbuildings and facility assets efficiently.

Life cycle cost or sustainment is considered as the most important element in a far-reaching facility maintenance management program. It recognizes the frequently scheduled and forecasted maintenance and repair tasks required for maintaining one or more facilities in stable condition. These tasks comprise projected major repairs or component replacements which should be undertaken over the probable life cycle of a facility.

With the Life Cycle Costing for Facilities, the facility managers can make a comparison in computing initial installed costs against long-term facility costs.

The model produces a sustainmentcalculator on the basis of RSMeans’ square-foot estimating models by plotting RSMeans’ assembly data to facilities maintenance & repair cost data (FM&R) tables. The users will also get the ability to generate cost-detail spreadsheets, summary tables useful for computing sustainment costs and ratios as well as time cycle charts. The customized reports can be created to any location in the United States or Canada.

Reporting capabilities provides the following benefits to the users:-
  • Instantly calculate total sustainment costs, completely tailored to a facility with amendments for quantity, capacity, design life, maintenance and repair and preventive maintenance costs, repair frequency, time cycle length, escalation rates, location, and site cost conditions.
  • Create comparison reports in support of new construction and accessible facilities to find out short- and long-term maintenance requirements.
  • Make sure the longest serviceable building life manageable for virtually any commercial building.
  • Get better performance over the duration of building and equipment and make out scopes for savings.
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RS Mean’s 2015 Facility Manager’s Package offers new life cycle cost models for facilities

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