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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tips before constructing new house

Before building the sweet home of your choice, the owner and house builder needs to think quickly on some aspects.

BudgetEstimating the budget is one of the tough tasks for the house owner. The house owner can go for construction loan from the bank or mortgage personal assets.

Your plot & Location: Location is very important. Soil condition, drainage, zoning of the spot is significant before starting up theconstruction.

Designer & contractor: A good team of designers are required. An architect has to be engaged. A good builders needs to be contacted.

Arrange a Plan: Here architect needs to take a role. He will draw the plan. Discussion of the plan in the close family circuit is necessary before sending it for the approval.

Some necessary features: Plot plant consists of size and locations of arrangement of property. Floor plan includes size, door and window. Structural drawing must by submit with plan. There should be plumbing and electricity.

Agreement: The house builders now have to do the written contract agreement with contractors. The contractor will describe you the project detail.

Things to be care for:
  • A permit fee has to be paid before a structure permit can be issued.
  • It is not advisable to begin construction until the building permit has been issued.
Legal requirement should be clear.

Ultimately you will be accountable under the Building Act if your house does not get together the required standards, so make sure you utilize accomplished people who know all the structure controls and keep up-to-date with new principles and system.

Tips before constructing new house

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  1. Thanks for the tips. This will help me whose construction company to hire to build my home.