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Monday, May 28, 2012

Nomitech introduces CostOS Version 4.3 with implanted BIM measure and parametric assemblies

Nomitech just launches the updated version of its Cost Estimating solution, CostOS 4.3.  
With this new version the estimating professionals will be able to price any phase of an estimate (from cost plan or viability to final bid) on a solitary platform, with implanted BIM measure and parametric assemblies by applying local (historic) or online data .
CostOS Version 4.3 is incorporated with Oracle’s Primavera P6, fully supporting Oracle’s technology (database, Java etc).
The users can modify their pricing layout to fulfill the requirements of various styles of tender.

CostOS  can generate parametric smart assemblies and cost models to rapidly price recurring and compound structures.
CostOS effectively work in assessing alternatives and value engineering opportunities, instantly and precisely.
CostOS  provides resource price escalations to anticipate costs over the period of the project.
The cost estimator will be in a position to produce the Bill of Quantities straightforwardly on their 3D model and verify how it is developed as your estimate is in-progress. The estimator can apply the local/server cost database, the online commercial databases (i.e. Richardson, Spon’s, NODOC) equally to locate cost data compatible with the chosen entities and directly allocate this data to their model.
CostOS facilitates a construction company to create a network involving suppliers and subcontractors and maintain a record of the cost efficiency of its equipment fleet, a database with cost rates from diverse geographical regions.
The quantity takeoff of anyproject (Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical etc) is greatly enhanced with unmatched precision.
With CostOS’s system recognition the estimator can perform on mechanical models with superior accuracy & speed and effortlessly detect omissions or inaccuracies of the design and revise their estimate consequently.
The 3D cost viewer produces a visual illustration of the cost. Connect to an entity of the 3D model and notice immediately the resources and the cost associated with it. Utilize various layouts and offer the project owner with a visual observation depicting what he will acquire for his budget. Designers, Contractors and Project Owners can interrelate easily and bring the most cost effective or best value for money solutions. 
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