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Monday, May 21, 2012

Some advance application useful for electrical engineers

Electrical Pro includes 4 in 1 app useful for electrical engineers, technicians and master electricians. Electrical Pro can easily work out several crucial electrical and technical calculations.

Electrical Calc Elite™ is compatible with both Android and iPhone. Electrical Calc Elite™ is designated for electrical professional designers, electrical engineers, master electricians, electrical maintenance managers, electrical inspectors and lighting specialists. Electrical Calc Elite™ is derived from National Electric Codes (US) and can rapidly and precisely solve code-related issues.

ElectroDroid is very useful for electronic engineers and hobbyists. ElectroDroid contains an user-friendly interface and compilation of electronics tools and reference. This app covers resistor colour code decoder, Ohm’s law calculator, voltage divider and a number of more applications. It is available with both free and pro version.

Voltage Drop Calculator is another useful tool for electrical engineer being utilized for computing voltage drop for a particular conductor, mode to output percent volt drop for a certain circuit length, wire gauge, and current. This crucial application can also find out wire size to fulfill particular voltage drop limits.

Electrical engineers/technicians are benefitted with this application as it can determine fault through a transformer and over a line and invigorating de-rate calculations. It is available with free and Pro version. Free version is restricted to fault during a transformer calculation.

This application is well matched with iPhone and facilitates users to get in touched with electrical mechanical engineers all over the world. One can get recent news, explore well-liked forum discussions and be in touch with other engineers on the fly. It’s a vast network discussion application.

It is a great Android application for both profession electrical engineers and master electricians that consist of a huge selection of electrical engineering calculations and essential data as well as Ohms law, motor equations, tables and reference materials.

It is an unique Android application for electrical engineers. It intended for electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, structural, machine design, fluid and mechanical, heat and mass transfer and HVAC, thermodynamics, pulp and paper, pipe flow and automotive engineers, EngCalc includes more than 500 different engineering formulas and 100 reference tables.

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