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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Guidelines for site layout or job layout at construction site

Site layout refers to the plan of the construction site. It provides the area as well as the proper position for arranging the necessary resources in the construction work.

It specifies the place for offices, godowns, workshops, accommodation etc. It also illustrates the present relationship of the site with its surrounding with regards to communication, approaches and existing facilities.

Given below the importance of a systematic and technically organized site layout :-
1. Obtain an uninterrupted supply of materials in adequate amount.
2. Get a smooth access to material and test out its wastage and degradation.
3. Reduce the number of plants as well as the movement of heavy equipment.
4. Prevent confusion and minimize accidents.
5. Keep a systematic viewpoint for easy inspection of the materials.
The layout that fulfills most of these conditions enhances efficiency along with productivity. Such a layout is recognized as optimum layout. The site layout is mainly based on the following factors.
1. Position of the site, 2. Arrangement of space, 3. Access to the site, 4. Material volume, 5. Type of applicable equipment, 6. Ground conditions.
Fundamentals of jobs layout: The following fundamentals should be maintained for job layout.
1. If possible, there should be two openings in the site, one for entry and the other for exist to allow flow of traffic. For the existence of only one gate, then it is preferred to arrange a cross-over near the gate.
2. The general office should be situated adjacent to the main gate to stay away from confusion at construction site.
3. The godown should be situated just at the back of the general office so that the delivery of the material is accumulated in it. It also allows a tighter supervision of the stores.
4. Temporary roads should have been built up around the operation area. It makes the flow of material as well movement of equipment better. In reality, if such roads are essential to be built up in the project, it is suggested to build them initially in order that these can be utilized throughout the construction accurately.
5. The workshops for joiner, fitter, electrician etc should be determined and placed by balancing the easy and short access routes..
6. Staff accommodation should be far from noise. It should be centralized in one area to facilitate communication and trim down the cost of facilities and services.
7. The existing services should be used as far as possible.
Guidelines for site layout or job layout at construction site

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