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Thursday, November 23, 2017

SO-Foundation, a powerful construction program for finding out the bearing strength of shallow foundation

Soil Office, the leading developer of various geotechnical engineering software, has created SO-Foundation. It is a powerful construction program that can be used to compute bearing strength of shallow foundations in view of both “shear failure” and “settlement”.

The software applied Hansen, Meyerhof, Vesic, Terzaghi and Eurocode methods to find out the shear failure. The are also several options to work out elastic and consolidation settlements.

The software also provides complete detailed reports.
Features - General
- Provides information on near about 20 soil layers.
- User can get notification on the common ranges concerning input parameters.
- Pressure isobars are computed and produced under footings.
- Defines bearing strength of shallow footings (Spread, Continuous and Mat) with various dimensions in view of both shear failure and settlement (Elastic and Consolidation).
- Estimate settlement according to the tolerable pressure.
- Estimate modulus of subgrade reaction.
- Estimate and creation of modulus of subgrade reaction contour on the footing surface.
- Export results to MS Excel format.
- Demonstration of calculation report containing adequate details.
- Formation of profiles for the preferred settings.
- Saving files with a smallest size.
Shear failure:
- Utilization of 5 methods, Eurocode, Hansen, Meyerhof, Terzaghi and Vesic.
- Modification of general factor of safety.
- Strength reduction factors are attributed for friction angle and cohesion, independently.
- Water effect is used with 2 methods.
- Inclusion of large footing effect in calculations.
• General
- Modification of permissible settlement by user’s will.

- Valid depth in settlement calculation is defined as the least amount of below:
a. Pressure isobars (based on each of the methods Boussinesq, Westergaard and Approximate 2V:1H) or a multiple of foundation width.
b. Depth of the rigid layer.
To download the software and gather more information, click on the following link
Watch the following video for online demonstration.

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