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Friday, May 12, 2017

How to compute quantity of steel in column footing with BBS

This construction video tutorial will teach you how to estimate the steel quantity in column footing with bar bending schedule.

Column Footing stands for an independent footing or foundation under a column or either equivalent member for delivering the concentrated load by means of uniformly loads to the soil underneath in order that the bearing capacity of the soil is not surpassed and differential settling does not take place. The footing may come in square, rectangular or circular in plan.

The footing may be constructed with brick masonry, stone, R.C.C., steel grill-age etc on the basis of the load to be transferred as well as the bearing capacity of soil. As a result of low bending strength, the footings built with brick, stone or plain concrete need extensive depth to bear heavy loads safely.

The depth of plain concrete footing is minimized significantly with the arrangement of reinforcements at its base to withstand tensile stresses. R.C.C. column footings may com in circular, rectangular or square in plan. The footing is reinforced both-ways using mild steel ribbed bars which are arranged at exact angles to one another at similar distances apart.

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