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Thursday, May 4, 2017

How to use Staad Pro computer program to analyze a continuous beam with various types of loading

This is another exclusive tutorial from Unite Coaching. The tutorial is based on estimating with Staad Pro. Staad Pro is a globally recognized computer program for effective structural analysis and design. It is compatible with all Indian and all international codes.

With STAAD.Pro, the structural engineers will get the ability to analyze and design different types of structures virtually. In this tutorial, one will learn how to analyze a continuous beam that has to withstand various types of load.

A continuous beam is defined as a statically indeterminate multispan beam that is supported by various columns. Here three beams are supported by columns in a straight line.

The end spans may belong to cantilever, may be freely supported or fixed supported. As a minimum one of the supports of a continuous beam should contain the ability to grow a reaction along the beam axis.

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