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Monday, May 8, 2017

Shear Force and Bending Moment Of Simply Supported Beam With Point Load

The Civil Engineers should contain clear and concise ideas on shear force and bending moment to make perfect analysis of any structure as well as design of any structural member.
In this regard, Parag Pal, the famous B.E. Civil Engineer, has presented a useful video that focuses on shear force and bending moment of simply supported beam with point load to find out the sfd and bmd of any point load member.

In engineering term, a point load refers to an established load (force) that is situated with a single, specific point on a supporting structure or structural member.

In construction, a point load is set aside only for lighter structures or other cases where the load or force is comparatively light and not cause to undergo unnecessary stresses. To sustain structural reliability, designs and blueprints are properly planned to prevent the application of point loads in other situations.

If Point loads are not predicted, they can result in collapsing of structures.

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