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Monday, November 14, 2016

How to use Tekla Structure 2016 for bridge pier reinforcement

This construction video briefly shows how to use Tekla Structure 2016 to perform bridge pier reinforcement.

Concrete piers stand for vertical structural elements that support the weight of a building or structure. The role of the concrete piers is similar to the table legs. If they are designed properly, and arranged on solid ground or to a depth that the friction on the sides of the pier is exceeding the load placed on the pier, the piers and the structure will be immovable.

Most concrete piers applied over the average home for a deck or other structures are generally lower than 24 or so inches in diameter at the base of the pier. As the pier increases and out of the ground, it can be minimized in size to as small as 10 inches in diameter. The bottom of the pier should always remain under the frost line in the area.

The bottom of the pier should be broader as compared to the top. The wider base facilitates allocating the weight of the structure over more soil. Thus the design becomes stable enough.

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