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Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to use Etabs 2016 for slab design

This construction video provides useful information on how to use Etabs 2016 for creating effective slab design.

This newest software can be used to make integrated structural analysis, design and drafting of building systems. ETABS 2016 contains supreme 3D object based modeling and visualization tools as well as rapid linear and nonlinear analytical capacity, superior and wide-ranging design capacities for a wide array of materials, and intuitive graphic displays, reports, and schematic drawings which facilitate the users to smoothly & instantly read and understand analysis and design results.

ETABS combines each phase of the engineering design process from initial design perception to the formation of schematic drawings. Formation of models becomes so simple. With superior drawing commands, one can instantly generate floor and elevation framing. CAD drawings are directly transformed into ETABS models or applied as templates onto which ETABS objects are overlaid. The advanced SAPFire 64-bit solver facilitates the users to instantly evaluate exceptionally big and complicated models. It also supports nonlinear modeling methods like construction sequencing and time effects (e.g., creep and shrinkage).

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Rajib Dey

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