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Thursday, July 28, 2016

BSF admixtures help to maintain sustainability in concrete and cement

Both concrete and cement play an important role for several construction projects. Concrete is primarily formed with cement, water and grains of stone. Cement is developed by mixing calcium silicate with portions of aluminum and iron compounds.

The following construction video explains the total procedure for creating these materials.

This animated construction video also focuses on the functionality of concrete superplasticizer Glenium to make the best use of these materials for making concrete more flexible, long-lasting and resilient.

BASF Glenium superplasticizers enhance the structural properties of concrete as well as its eco-friendliness.

By applying BASF's concrete admixture Glenium, up to 50 percent of the cement clinker is substitued with other materials. These materials consist of fly ash, a byproduct of coal-fueled electric power plants, or blast furnace slag obtained throughout steel production and recycled for these purposes. Thus, Glenium admixtures facilitates savings of up to 60 percent carbon in concrete production. So Glenium is very vital element to reduce carbon emissions in cement production.

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