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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Give an elegant look and style to your house with these 17 various types of Roof Designs

While going to develop a new house or redecorating an existing one, it is important to select the exact type of roof but it is very complicated. Roofs not only safeguard a house and its occupants from outside harmful components but also arrange some extra space to transform your home more energy efficient, and facilitate delivering some natural light. Roofs also play a vital role in characterizing the overall look and style of a house.

This construction video highlights 17 various types of roof designs which are generally utilized in building designs, architecture and home construction. The video will provide great advantages to the architects, building designers and custom home builders.

Generally flat roofs and pitched roofs are very popular but there are various types of gradations and styles for each.

This video will assist you to ultimately recognize and detect the best type of a roof shape or structure for your home:

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Rajib Dey

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