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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Track and locate the construction equipment in a construction jobsite efficiently with Trimble Tracker RFID System

Trimble just launched the Trimble Tracker RFID System to prevent the theft of construction equipment in construction jobsites in USA. As per the report provided by National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), near about 1 billion dollars are lost in every year due to theft of construction equipment.

With the Trimble Tracker RFID System, the contractors as well as equipment & site managers can get a streamlined solution to find out and track assets instantly and effortlessly on site as well as in the laydown yard for storage in real-time, and then obtain the information in the office through Trimble Asset Manager, a Web-based database technology. So the management and maintenance of construction sites will be more improved and loss of construction assets can be prevented.

The contractor puts RFID tags which vary from diversified shapes and sizes, on selected assets like machine attachments, trench boxes, concrete forms, pumps, hand tools, signs, storage trailers and other materials associated with a project. With handheld, vehicle-mounted and gate-mounted Trimble RFID readers, asset location updates are transmitted wirelessly to the Trimble Asset Manager database in the office for efficient data management and reporting under a centralized location. The data is then also wirelessly coordinated and sent back to employees in the jobsite.

Real-time recognition and tracking will result in minimizing the time spent in finding and transmitting equipment, preventing theft, lessening equipment loss, and enhancing the usage of asset. Contractors can make good savings in annual equipment expenditures with superior management of obtainable assets.

Trimble Asset Manager, a Web-supported software as a service (SaaS) application, combines and documents asset location information for getting a view of inventory across sites in the office. With Trimble Asset Manager, authorized users in the office can access it to keep the records of assets, precisely track and trace assets, and plan equipment transfers. Customizable reports are also available so that managers can avail the data quickly and easily as per their requirement.

Besides, Trimble Asset Manager preserves information concerning asset visual condition through the Trimble Inspector Pro app. Condition information integrated with location data facilitates equipment managers a more comprehensive view of their inventory and fleet for taking decision as well as deploy equipment in a better way.

The new Trimble Tracker RFID System can be accessed in North America, Europe and Australia through Trimble's SITECH Technology Dealer Channel. Trimble Asset Manager software is available all through the world through Trimble's SITECH Technology Dealer Channel.

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Track and locate the construction equipment in a construction jobsite efficiently with Trimble Tracker RFID System

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