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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Complex construction project with Trimble GCEstimator Software Suite

Trimble recently launched Trimble GCEstimator Software Suite that provides all-inclusive solutions to the estimators to augment their procedure for producing estimates toward complicated construction projects.

This latest construction application integrates the software that is the best available of its type from Trimble Buildings' portfolio of Design-Build-Operate technologies facilitating general contractors and construction managers to improve their work skills, obtain more projects and increase the effectiveness of projects ahead of, during and after construction.

Within GCEstimator, the series of software like WinEstimator and Vico Software acquired by Trimble, are incorporated into a single platform.

GCEstimator allows the estimators to perform precise quantity-takeoff from BIM supported models and 2D drawings as well as a single database or cost library.

GCEstimator software smooth the updating process by generating and saving dynamic links concerning the values in the models and the equivalent items and assemblies in the estimating cost library. As soon as all the quantities are modified in new versions of 3D models or 2D electronic plans, an automatic alert is sent to the user that focuses on which items are modified. This functionality makes the perfectness of the estimating to a great extent as well as significantly minimizing estimating time on future projects.

GCEstimator software facilitates the users to analyze the cost impacts of design modifications to simplify the process of recognizing design changes from model iteration to the next.

Project information system will be streamlined with GCEstimator software as it offers great solution for one-stop native data mapping.

The prospective users can access GCEstimator software through a subscription service.

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Simplify your estimating process for complex construction project with Trimble GCEstimator Software Suite

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