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Friday, October 17, 2014

Home building Estimating Program in Excel

This exclusive video tutorial is presented by Bob Hall. Creating bids with a simple pen, pad and calculator is possible but quite difficult. Working with a computer and spreadsheets is more convenient but is still sprawling and complicated to manage.

Construction estimating software like CBD Estimating by Comprotex Software, Inc. comes with pre-programmed Microsoft Excel formulas specifically designed to help you create bids.

While it doesn't have a full feature set like other bid-creator software we reviewed, CBD Estimating does have a familiar interface, a simple design and allows you to cost a job in an efficient manner. Before you buy this software, know that it only functions on computers with Microsoft Excel. We would like to see it be able to act independently, but that's how it works.

CBD Estimating features navigational tabs so that you can easily switch between the setup window, the main window, the scheduling window, the tracking window, the summary window, the notes window and the change order window. This tabbed interface will help guide you to the windows where you can number cost codes, print schedules, track costs and more. You can add more tabs, if necessary.

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Rajib Dey

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