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Saturday, October 11, 2014

DAQRI Smart Helmet is a next generation tool for construction professionals

DAQRI Smart Helmet is the world’s first ever wearable apparatus that comes with sophisticated display and sensor hardware for next-generation computer visualization.

DAQRI Smart Helmet is useful for construction professional as well as industrial usages as it offers the power of augmented reality and 4D in the enterprise space.

With hands-free wearable HD display, it provides real-time, contextual 4D content. The users will also be able to touch and manage the interface through assimilation with new form factors like smart watches. It contains completely translucent optics which can offer always-on functionality comprehensible in both low light scenarios and bright ambient conditions.

DAQRI Smart Helmet provides 4D work instructions with work packages designed in Industrial 4D Studio to have all the required information for other job sites as well as future generations.

With the high-tech sensors accessible along with an industrial-grade inertial measurement unit, a high-resolution 3D depth camera, and 360° navigation cameras, DAQRI Smart Helmet is compatible with HD video recording, photography, 3D mapping, and alphanumeric capture, facilitating to interpret and realize signage and instrument data.

Watch the following online video to get all the impetus, hardware features, software tools and applications of the DAQRI Smart Helmet.

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Rajib Dey

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