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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The contractor proposal bid form

The contractor proposal bid form is used by a contractor to provide a construction proposal. It refers as the initial point-of-contact connecting the owner and contractor. In this form a neat, prearranged bid is written on a proficiently designed bid form. The contractor proposal bid form contains the breakdown of all the material, labor and equipment costs to make out the proper quantity of materials, labor and equipment necessary for accomplishing the work project. The form also includes the costs, overhead as well as profit of a contractor. All the taxes, bond premiums and insurance under "Work Scope and Details are also included in the form.

While seeking for work proposal from contractors, it is useful to attach this contractor bid sheet with the request made by the owner. In this way a owner can obtain the accurate information as required from a contractor.

A contractor proposal bid form facilitates a contractor to ensure the customer/owner that he is the best contractor - subcontractor - construction company to execute their project.

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