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Monday, July 7, 2014

Mobile based technology can speed up communication process among Construction jobsite

Recently mobile based technologies improve jobsite communication to a great extent. Several renowned construction companies embrace some remarkable mobile compatible technologies to complete projects in quickest possible time.

In recent times, Chicago based Pepper Construction (, employed a combination of advanced technologies to execute a project in less than six months.

The technology comprises of some exclusive cloud based document management technologies which range from DataVault product form KNAACK and technology from StratusVue (

The project involves a 27,000 sq.ft., green field enterprise data center opened in the preliminary stage with adequate equipments to represent an existing site and allowed for development capability.

Pepper Construction applied beta version of DataVault product to develop BIM process on the project. DataVault product was applied to join jobsite professionals to information through a digital plan storage solution effective for onsite job management.

By applying StratusVue’s cloud-based document management suite, Pepper Construction got the ability to assign technology to the field safely and manage the project in a superior way. The software facilitates the project team members to avail the significant, current project information within feet of where the actual work started. This combined solution helps the project team members to access the project information on the jobsite in real time without spending too much time. All the information were up-to-date on plans and it facilitates to concentrate on the project rather than waiting for responses. Other significant benefits are quicker data access and superior BIM integration.

In another project, McShane Construction Company, applied StratusVue’s PlansandSpecs solution to speed up collaboration and bring effectiveness across the McShane enterprise. The cloud supported software suite developed project and document management assignments for construction managers during the preconstruction and construction stages of a project. The software also formed a central online respiratory for all contract documentation to enhance the ease of access and clarity among all project stakeholders.

The PlansandSpecs module comes with tools and workflows to make a better productivity throughout construction phase. McShane is also planning to use BidVue in near future, to handle the bidding process with subcontractors.

Mobile based technology can speed up communication process among Construction jobsite 

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