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Monday, July 14, 2014

construction programs to reduce their project costs significantly

Prototype constructions are gaining popularity among the governmental entities in the United States. Prototype construction refers to a construction program and the model of it is based on replication. In Prototype construction some prototype designs are created maintaining fundamental or crucial features which are approved for several structures. In this concept the design become identical through replication procedure. The design costs are reduced to a great extent due to onetime investment.

This method is ideal for architects, construction companies and engineering firms who strive to capture big public sector contracting opportunities in the United States.

The public officials are trimming down public project costs significantly through the Prototype construction.

Some applications of prototype constructions in USA

The state officials in Pennsylvania have planned to prototype construction to lessen the costs associated with the repairing works for structurally damaged bridges through the state’s Rapid Bridge Replacement Program.

To execute this program, a private-sector partner should be employed to facilitate finance, design and construction of 500 new bridges over a six-year period. Under a prototype construction project, the private-sector partner has to take the responsibilities for preserving the bridges for the state for up to 40 years.

The public-private partnership agreement facilitates saving money on design, construction and maintenance through a prototype for each bridge. The 500 bridges are same in size and design and hence one rendering will be applicable to each structure. Costs will be minimized as the replication process facilitates various types of economies of scale and shorter construction timelines.

In the same way, a private-sector firm has made a prototype design for the construction of all future U.S. embassies. The federal government can save huge amounts through utilization of the similar model and the similar building materials even as reducing construction timelines with best practices and experience.

School districts all through the country are going to undertake prototype building programs. Lots of school districts require new buildings at once due to the increased population. As soon as the design process for a structure is finished, construction work is cut down 10-14 months to about 4 which result in considerable savings.

In Florida’s Miami-Dade County, a prototype procedure is used to a dozen new schools which bring $9 million saving for the district.

In the Wake County schools of North Carolina, the prototype design results in saving between $1.9 million and $6.6 million on design fees. The DeKalb County School District in Georgia has applied a prototype design for reconstruction of seven elementary schools and in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, two new elementary schools were created from a prototype design.

AEC firms are adopting prototype construction programs to reduce their project costs significantly

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