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Thursday, February 20, 2014

ICF Concrete Additives, LLC introduces HiperLon™ to substitute steel rebar in concrete application

ICF Concrete Additives, LLC launched the latest fiber, HiperLon™ which can make a sea change in the way concrete is set in all applications. HiperLon™ refers to a three-inch fiber that blends so well that it can even be shot-creted. HiperLonTM can minimize as well as substitute steel rebar in precast, cast-in-place, underground, and shotcrete applications.
 Now the construction professionals can get rid of the issues like corrosion and failure in the concrete. Besides, the construction professionals can create their bid based on a fixed cost as there will be no cost fluctuation due to elimination of rebar for scheduling and estimating. HiperLon™ is supported with technical data to ensure that it will substitute rebar in precast and slab applications. It is now applied to complete rebar substitution in one- and two-story residences also.
Use of rebar is dangerous that can often lead to job threatening injuries. So the usage of HiperLon™ is increasing at a rapid due to safety issue.
 Several Texas based petrochemical companies on the Gulf Coast and municipalities now utilize HiperLon™ to reinstate their rebar in culverts and other flat work.
HiperLon™ treated concrete is verified under contract by multiple Military agencies; supplementary testing concerning impact and cracking under heavy loads, has exposed the finished concrete to include impressive properties. For getting more updates on HiperLon™ fiber, visit

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