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Friday, February 21, 2014

iRoofing - The Construction Application for Roofing Contractors

Construction application, iRoofing is a new iPad application developed to meet the specific requirements of roof contractors and make their work much simpler.

This app helps roofing contractors to obtain more lead, enhance sales and offer quotation by utilizing the customized services provided by the app. The app offers tools to display the images of roof, measure, evaluate design criteria and generate the projects’ rendering of the planned roof installation.

The iRoofing app is a great way to attain solutions for all the requirements of a roof contractor on the move. It provides the user with local information, and catalogue technical data from manufacturers. This app can be customized and is available only for iPads, though it is soon to be available for other portable devices as well. Some of the special built-in features of the application are mentioned below:

  • Provides the user with exact measurements without getting to the roof.
  • Information about tile selection, shingle and metal can be availed so that the information can be shared with the customer.
  • Simulate the finished roof installation with the help of an existing roof photo.
  • Reliable and correct information about roofing suppliers and manufacturers can be obtained to help the user to get the local expertise required to complete the project.

iRoofing is an exclusive and comprehensive construction app that enables the roofing contractors to:

  • Place material order with most of the top US distributor/suppliers.
  • Offer render images regarding the new roof.
  • Provides information about licensed contractors nearby.
  • Have access to full line of manufactures catalogues.
  • Gives roof measurements directly from satellite service
  • Locate a local branch of the users roofing supply company
  • Access the technical information, building approval forms, and installation guides

The iRoofing app requires subscription so that the manufacturer or distributor as well as their products and technical data can get listed. This application allows users to update their own business logo, employ the roof replacement simulator, generate a photo gallery to upload photos, upload their catalogue, and be able to push information to their clients regarding latest information and products.

iRoofing - The Construction Application for Roofing Contractors

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Tuhin Maity


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  2. I had no idea that they created an app that could do so many things. My brother is a contractor and I don't think he knows about this. I think it would really help him-especially with having access to a line of manufacturing magazines.