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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Decisive Political Support Required for Crossrail 2

It is often considered that the UK construction industry lacks expertise in managing risk on major infrastructure, and incurring high construction costs.

Like the High Speed 2 which is expected to the biggest infrastructure project in the country is facing an unforeseen expenditure of £14.4bn added upon its overall cost of £42.6bn. Though its leaders say that such contingency are not similar to expenditure, yet critics feel that if this added expense is taken away, a £28.2bn north-south link will certainly appear to be a lot more appealing.

As far as the proposed Crossrail 2 link is concerned, the Treasury expects a budget of almost £8bn for emergency situations for this scheme that is estimated to cost around £12bn. Strict and able guidance is required to reduce actions and incidents that could lead to uncertainty and cost inflation on projects. Detailed design and precise cost estimation can minimize the cost of Crossrail 2 as it is in its initial stage.

Decisive political support is required to continue with the scheme of Crossrail 2 to ensure that designers and contractors can work on minimizing its risks and overall cost.

The London rail capacity is expected to be full at the seams when Crossrail 2 opens in the latter part of this decade. Only then the ordinary Londoners may find the advantage of having its building sites on their doorsteps.

Decisive Political Support Required for Crossrail 2

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